Friday 9 March 2012


You have it all: the wit, the beauty
And youthful charms galore.
You're blessed with many friends and would-be
Boyfriends queueing at your door.

You've always been Daddy's little princess
And Mummy's pride and joy.
Physical perfection you are, no less.
Unattainable fantasy of boy.

You were whisked off to Paris a month ago,
And last weekend to Rome.
On Valentine's Day you left in a limo
With your favourite lover, from home.

Neighbours lined the pavements in awe,
As if observing an 'A List' pair;
And as your chauffeur closed the door,
You coyly tossed your hair.

The life you lead is as close to ideal
As a life could possibly be.
So why are you so compelled to steal
Contentment from people like me?

We have no defence when you scathingly scorn
The way we look and dress.
According to you, grotesque we were born.
So you couldn't respect us less.

You mockingly joke with your many lovers
Of how no one could ever want me.
Then through shared wall, with my head under covers,
I endure screams of ecstasy.

And my vacuum cleaner is used as a weapon
Of confidence annihilation.
I'm referred to as 'Drudge' and 'Mrs. Mop' whereupon
Comes identity assassination.

Daddy pays others to clean your home,
Do washing, food shopping and cook;
Leaving you free to in luxury roam
And conquer or destroy with a look.

Perhaps when you're no longer eighteen
And time's dulled that dazzling face,
The boyfriends will finally see what you've been
And away from you they'll race.

For who'd want to stay with a spoilt little knocker
Who can't bear to let others shine?
I realise this will come as a shocker,
But they'll tire of that egotistic whine!


  1. Fabulous simply fabulous - love the title, you have outdone yourself once more - I guess we all know someone like that Jezebitch *chuckles* :D

    1. So glad it's not just me!
      When someone really annoys me I simply have to make a tongue-in-cheek protest. Somehow puts it all into perspective :)

  2. I've met a lot of people in my life who think they are the bees knees or the it person but in the end they all come crashing back down to earth with a thud and wonder why. Well done, this does ring true indeed :-).

    1. Hi Windsmoke, Have to admit it is true, but with a little dash of poetic drama added!!
      Writing this was satisfyingly cathartic :)

  3. This is superb. Unfortunately, we've all known this guy somewhere along the way, and as you say, the end is foreseeable.

    1. Hi Dave,
      I agree, we certainly have!
      But what I fail to understand is why anyone living such a perfect life would feel the need to bring others down.
      Perhaps they're not as confident or as happy as they like to appear!!

  4. I know people like this as well. Drives me crazy. I love how you can put these feelings into such fabulous words.

    Blessings, V.

    1. Hi Vivienne,
      I had no idea so many of us have also suffered people like this.
      That makes me feel much less isolated in my suffering! Haha.
      So glad you enjoyed reading it.

      Blessings Y

  5. your loving set up in the front end allowed you to have your way with her later. clever and effective.

  6. Hi Ed,
    Many thanks.
    It certainly made me feel better to get it written down!!

  7. Such a fabulous write. Vrey clever. Loved reading.

  8. Hi Celestial Dreamz,
    Thank you so much.
    I am really happy you enjoyed reading it :)


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