Friday 6 July 2012


Am I a mad woman
because I converse
with the unpeopled spaces
between tangible matter?
Many would say so.
But intelligences do lurk there,
are concealed in the molecules
of thin air: non-beings
more real than I am, in
my slowly disintegrating form.
For they are immortal.

They come to me in the silent hours,
these messengers from the World of Spirit:
these fleeting shadows that fall
across curtains and wardrobe doors.
But my partner wakes,
turns over in bed;
and they dart away
through solid walls, afraid
he'll learn, unprepared,
of the dishonesty
of five-sense perception.


  1. Good flow in this. There's a sixth sense about it.

    To answer the question, of which I am sure you are certain the answer, no.

    "the dishonesty of five-sense perception", so good!

    1. Many thanks Gnome. It's great to know someone thinks I'm sane! Hehehe :D

  2. I must be a mad woman too then. I loved this. It captivates and it hits very close to home.

    1. Hi WBW,
      So great to hear from you, and to know I'm not alone in my 'madness'!!
      Really appreciate that. Thank you so much.

      I've just visited your blog. I found it facinating. Have been trying to follow, but am at present experiencing some difficulty. I think it must be a connection problem.
      Please bear with me, I will keep trying :)

  3. Nice! Very nice indeed! I like just about everything about this poem.

  4. Forgot to say, fingers crossed, it's here for now! Thanks for the wish.

    1. Great news about the broadband problem. So glad to have you back!

      This poem was a genuine glimpse into my life, so I am really happy that you liked it. Many thanks for reading :)

  5. Love how the title relates! A very good write indeed bravo - another mad woman!

    1. I think we mad women should club together - we'd probably find there many more of us than we could ever imagine! (Not that I'm suggesting that you're mad, of course!!)
      Took a while to find that title, yet there it was, staring me in the face :D

  6. new farm dental

    Wonderful! A great poem worth reading. It's full of depth and meaning. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Many, many thanks Mischy. I truly appreciate that.
    It is the sharing that means the most to me - and that someone understands :)


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