Thursday 12 July 2012


The girl at the nightclub, the shiny chrome pole;
rainbow lights flashing to pulsating beat.
She spirals around, this human chameleon,
high up on her platform inside a glass cage.

She's sexiest of all the girls up there,
in sequined red shorts and transparent top.
Watch how she moves, gyrating those hips,
reptilian tongue flicking over full lips.

Male eyes are fixed on this agile temptress,
as alcohol-fuelled fantasies run riot inside
minds obsessed with erotica visual.
She's become their virtual whore tonight.

But to her this is just another night's work
to pay the bills and feed her young son.
And as she dances, her thoughts are focused
on a holiday to come in the California sun.


  1. i loved this. i wish more people would take a deeper look into people's lives and souls without judgement. xo

    1. Me too. I guess that's what I was trying to say here. We all tend to view the world and other people from our own perspective, don't we?
      Sometimes we get it so wrong!
      Thank you so much for reading :)

  2. Fabulous..I love the line..she spirals around, this human chameleon..brilliant! Your poems always have such a rhythmic sense of motion for me..they are alive and current of words...moving me too..beautiful poetic energy!!Such talent!!

    1. Victoria, you are so kind. Thank you so much.
      How I wish I could dance like her - or just have her courage to dare.
      Don't know how I'd cope with the judgement that comes with the territory though! :)

  3. I like the play of the two obsessions. Good job Ygraine.

    1. Thank you Gnome.
      I was facinated by the misconceptions we can all have about people and , well, you know me!
      Just had to write about it :)

  4. I admire this woman Ygraine - you have created an image of courage. thank you for this Ygraine :)

    1. Many thanks Rose.
      Wish I had just a fraction of her courage. I'd probably need at least a couple of bottles of wine before I'd even dare set foot on that platform...hahaha :D

  5. excellent. You seem to have steered clear of the many traps and stated the case for her with a clarity not usually found in writings on this subject. Impressive.

    1. Thank you very much Dave.
      I truly appreciate that :)


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