Friday 31 October 2014


Inspired by Christopher Lee - the greatest vampire of all.

Seductive his eyes,
compelling dark eyes
rimmed in red.
So it begins...

A suffocating airless night.
Upon my throat the lightest kiss,
Alone in my soft bed,
while all around the dense ether
is filling with a lover's presence.
Wishful thinking -
or senses' deception?
Yet the airborne stench of moldering earth
grows ever stronger.
As my body craves him more and more,
the starless night grows darker
and a wild excitement
such as I've never known before
grips my pounding heart.
Terrified - yet craving.
Desperate to escape - yet transfixed.
My pupils dilate.
But I see nothing
except the blackest of black.

Oh please
come to me now!
Make me immortal like you.
Dance with me down the centuries.
Here is a willing victim. I beg you...
kidnap me...take me to Castle Dracula...
make me your Queen of the Night?
My window's wide open.
The outside flows in.
On the floor lies a crucifix torn from my neck,
it's broken chain symbolic
of the ultimate self-sacrifice:
the deadliest of ambitions.

Now, finally, he comes.
Sharp fangs pierce my jugular - oh the agony
of such ecstasy!
Living and undead blood cells mingle in my veins
and I feel my Soul darken.
My dying lips eagerly seek his
in blood.
I am changed.

And so it ends as it began:
I am ravenous...



  1. Oh Ygraine i follow each breath between words, your magic spreads through the spaces and I await for the glory of infinity in blood, Gee Whiz Girl, boy can you write the DOOM, gloom and BOOM, CREATURE of the night...oh my you are awesome, I just put on a silly photo of a revenant or zombie or whatever . But WOW can you do the DREAD and add excitement, only you, my dear, only you xoxoxox Happy Halloween xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooBOO

    1. Ha...thank you so much, Sweetie!
      I had such a crush on Christopher Lee's Dracula as a teenager...all I wished for every Halloween, was to become his victim - as you can see!! LOL

      You have a fabulous Halloween too.

      Love and Hugs xxx

  2. Only you could turn a Halloween poem into something so marvelous :)

    1. Oh are so kind.
      Thank you so much Keith...I just LOVE Halloween! :)

  3. Halloween spooktacular the feeling that I am feeling thanks to the magick of your writing and my love of the macabre on Halloween!!!
    Fantastic writing!!!

    Happy Halloween, dearest Ygraine~

    1. It is such a fabulous time, isn't it?
      I was watching the fireworks from my window last night...just magical!
      Many thanks, dear friend.
      Hope you had a great time too :)

      Big Hugs xxx

  4. Hi Ygraine..wowness....potent and magical..your words so richly decadent and full of captivating imageries..loved every moment of it! you are such a creatrix!
    AW... Love the beautiful and sweet!
    Wishing you much enchantment this season!
    Hugs and Blessings

    1. Oh you are SO sweet, Victoria...thank you so much!
      I can't even begin to express how encouraging your kind words are to me. When the dreaded writer's block strikes, I look back to comments like yours...and I am cured.
      So thank you again...from my heart!:)

      Hugs and Blessings back xxx

    2. Oh yes...meant to say, so glad you liked the photo.
      I had to scour the family albums to find a suitable one, and came across this.
      I did ask permission to use it!! LOL

  5. So good!! Happy Halloween dear!:))

    1. Thank you so much, dear Gloria!
      So happy you liked it :)

      Really hope your Halloween was a good one

  6. I so enjoyed the poem, even with my inability to truly understand the desire to be bitten and abused by such a crazy evil creature.

    1. Ha...teenage girls...they crave the most inappropriate things...well, I know I did...used to spend hours hanging around old abandoned graveyards in the dark! lol

      So glad you enjoyed reading it though.
      Many thanks :)

  7. haha happy halloween...def there was a time earlier in life i was so seduced by the thought of vampirism and immortality...not so sure i want it anymore....

    used to hang around those graves as well....

    1. Ha...a person after my own heart!
      It's strange how, as we grow more mature and think more deeply, those things begin to seem much less desirable...
      Wouldn't relish even walking through a graveyard at night now! lol

      Many thanks, Brian.:)

  8. Oh, what a gem! I laughed and was rolling on the floor with that image at the end. Beautiful poem. Full of vivid scenes. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. We aim to amuse!! Haha
      Really happy you liked was real fun to write.

      Happy Monday :)

  9. Ah, so wickedly titillating :) A brilliant Halloween write Ygraine :)

    1. I still love that old 1958 version still gives me chills that none of the more modern ones ever is Christopher Lee - he was utterly irresistible as Dracula! lol

      Many thanks, Rose.:)

  10. Still thinking about this, and I say huh-huh Angel, he's the Greatest Vampire with a soul, well no more he's an FBI guy and he's much prettier when he gets mad, thought I'd drop in write my piece and say hi 'ya x

    1. Hi ya, Sweetie!
      Ha, yes...the FBI guy...I say "Bring it on!!" lol

      Big Hugs xxx

  11. LOL yeah you're my kinda girl big hugs xxx

  12. This is totally fantastic!!!! I love this one so much!!! Bravo! Excellent!
    Cute photo ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so, so much...your kind words mean much more than you will ever know!!

      Big Hugs back xxx


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