Saturday 25 October 2014


Blood on our highways.
London pavements exploding.
Another terrorist bombing.
Destruction for destruction's sake.

Another racist inciting hatred.
A hostage brutally beheaded.
Another suicide from the thirteenth floor.
The complacent belief that He is myth
is the greatest error of all.

Our Groves are eerily deserted since
we invited Him inside.
Now His is the only voice we hear -
possession, it seems, is rife.
Do we assume these atrocities ours alone?
Then it's time to open our eyes.

For we're nothing more than dispensable pawns
in His chess game with the Beings of Light,
and for millennia He's been advancing through us,
bringing darkness and eternal night.

False priests are on his payroll -
their sermons lead straight to Him.
They're convinced they're buying a stairway to Heaven
through the sacrifice of innocent Souls.

Dear Merlyn,
We need you more than ever now,
or we're surely going to burn!

Now the time is right to re-ignite
the Divine Spark within
and burn away these corrosive shackles
that bind us to mortal sin.

So we concentrate hard on the Pentacle
inverted upon the wall,
and with willpower alone we loose the nails
until one-by-one they fall.

Now this sacred icon is uprighting itself -
Oh wow...isn't that real cool?
And Clas Myrddin's Guardian is rising again
to free us from Satan's rule.


  1. HI Ygraine. Very intense, striking imageries...powerfilled energy moving in this poem. I love your letter to Merlyn..brilliant.

    1. Oh wow...thank you so much, Victoria!
      I guess this is really my plea for help...every day I think nothing I see on the TV news can shock me any more...then it does.
      I've stopped watching now.
      Hopefully someday it will get better...

  2. My dearest, Ygraine...this is absolutely scary but true horror. I applaud your writing on a subject that words do not come easy to explain such pain and hatred.
    Please add a post script on your letter to dear Merlin...Jan also asks that you help our world and save our souls before it is to late~

    Big Hugs and Love

    1. *smiles* I will do that, Jan!
      According to legend, both He and Arthur are supposed to rise again "in times of England's direst need"...I'm beginning to wonder how much direr a need we could possibly have...not just here, but the entire world?

      Many thanks, dear friend.:)

      Love and Hugs xxx

  3. Oh, this is so good Ygraine! Love your poem to Merlin as well!
    What a brilliant writer you are :)

    1. Oh I am so happy you liked this, Rose...truly, it means so much to me.
      I have to be honest...I am quite scared of where it will all end.:/
      However...I am trying hard to stay positive!

      Big Hugs xxx

  4. The powerful symbols in your poem certainly describe the confusion that lately seems to have overtaken so many. Whether it results from possession or dispossession, I don't know, but surely there's a growing number of troubled minds collecting around bad ideas. Excellent writing.

    1. The world does seem to have been going crazy in the last few years, doesn't it?
      If I live to be a hundred years old, I will never even begin to understand how human beings can commit such brutal acts against their own kind. What is going through their minds?
      How can they live with themselves?
      It is beyond my comprehension.

      Many thanks, Geo.:)

  5. Enjoyed where this went.. Though there is no satin. we create the evil all on our own.

    1. You're certainly not wrong there, Anthony...I guess the notion of an all-powerful being of evil makes it easier to us something to pin the blame onto.
      It is unthinkable that such evil acts could be conceived in our own minds...

      Many thanks, Anthony.:)

  6. This sounds like a call to arms! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Ha...yes, I guess that's exactly it!
      Imagine how life would be if there were as much love in the world as there currently is hatred...hope I will live to see it!

      Many thanks, CiL :)

  7. Wow this is frightening, there may be no devil per se but there sure are some evil out there...yet no calls to arm would destroy it, only love turns hate...and that is so hard to do, when you see those you love suffer....only Love can turn the tide, but great write, very very scary, bravo Ygraine, stay well xxx

    1. Oh are SO right...but how can you teach those whose hearts are hardened by hatred to love instead?
      I find myself increasingly angered by what I see happening in the world...I really don't want to feel such a negative emotion, but it is the brutal is unbearable.
      Surely something has to give soon...:/

      Thank you, are my mental rock! xxx

  8. scary huh...and even worse the inviting him in...and we have in many ways...i wonder if we could turn it around...if we can push him out and uninvite him...take back our world...and shine the light bright enough....

    1. Oh I really hope so, Brian...that it isn't too late.
      The only way I can think of is fighting the hate with intense love, as Lorraine said...but sometimes it is SO hard to do.
      Just how do you truly love those who kill and maim the innocent?
      I try to see beyond their hard and soulless eyes and into the depths of their find a minute dot of humanity that just might respond to unconditional love...

      Many thanks.:)

  9. Lots of fierce power in this

    1. Oh thank you, much!

      Have a great weekend :)


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