Friday 29 July 2016


Black is what I most remember
about Khan: blackness and all the wild
goose chases he loved to lead me on. I've never walked
the bleak vastness of the moor since then. Black,
not of moonless skies, but a greyish,
almost mongrel black that belied his illustrious
pedigree and made him appear unexceptional
to the untrained eye that might skim over him without the slightest interest
in the mud-encrusted dreadlocks that swamped
his delicate features, nor in the flashes of deep auburn
that framed those soft brown eyes.

I remember him, the most stubborn, mischievous Afghan Hound that ever lived -
the only dog I ever truly called friend - almost as tall as me,
his long legs outrunning mine,
in fact running rings around me at every turn:
bolting off into the distance, impervious to my frantic calls
and genuine fear that I'd never see him again.
Oh how he delighted in trying my patience! Slipping his collar
was a favourite trick, and throwing himself into the river -
just, I swear, to compound the state of his coat and bring double trouble down upon me.
Truly, he could run like the wind when he wanted,
could easily have outrun any prize-winning racehorse.

So many times I'd cling onto his lead with dogged determination,
only for him to pull me along, face down in the mud,
a wicked glint in his eye. Then he'd slip his collar
and take to the hills like a thing demented, hill sheep
darting off in terror at the sight of that
demonic-like black lightening that streaked through their midst.
He left me feeling so useless: a dog owner, owning
what? Those feet, I believed, weren't even under his control.
They appeared to possess a will of their own, and certainly were my Nemesis.

Then, finally, one of these escapades proved to be his undoing.
A car is much less yielding than an ineffectual mistress.
My heart was shattered by the sickening BANG
that sent him spinning into stillness
in an horrific kaleidoscope
of sodden reddish black.


  1. __Grand memories about your Afghan; memories are forever, and I love your heartful memories, "K"_!

    The coincidence of long years passed?
    __Kathy and I bred, and handled in the AKC competitions, a very close relation to the Afghans, the 'less hairy' Salukis. Ah the memories.

    1. "K" was meant to be "Y" a directional mis-print. Smiles. _m

    2. That is so true, Doug...memories of Khan still occupy my mind almost every day, in spite of the fact that he passed away almost 39 years ago!
      I guess I'll never stop missing him...:(

      So you bred Salukis...beautiful dogs too!:)

      Ha...seems to be a time for typos and mis-prints lol...I seem to be doing it all the time recently!

      Many thanks.:))

  2. Oh how very sad...the loss of a beautiful animal and friend...what a wonderful description of could tell it was written in love...and you allowed us to see his personality as well...

    1. Yes, I do still feel sad and miss him even after all these years...and of course there is also that element of guilt - if I hadn't taken him out that particular day etc. etc.

      Thank you so much, happy you liked this...:))

  3. This is a killer poem ... especially the line breaks. You don't write often, but when you do ... pow.

    "not of moonless skies, but a greyish, almost mongrel black that belied his ill/us/tri/o/us"

    "to the untrained eye that might skim (scheme) over him"

    Are you sure he didn't have green eyes? That would be even more magical.

    couple of typos:
    "almost as tall as I"

    "I'd cling onto his lead with dogged determination, only for him to pull me along, face down in the mud, a wicked glint in his eye. Then he'd slip his collar" ... I'm all-too familiar. Mine is notorious for doing this.

    The ending is stunning, albeit heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your loss. We grow far closer to our dogs than our humans, don't we?

    1. Hi P.S.
      Wow...many thanks for your great comments!
      I eyes would have been magical...but his were so dark they were almost black...oh how I adored those eyes...

      Oops! Sorry about the typos...I seem to be making these all the time recently.*smiles*...must be the weather - or maybe just the grey matter going on strike! ;)

      Absolutely! Dogs are such faithful friends...unfortunately it isn't always so with humans, is it?!

  4. So beautiful...the furry friend
    So trusting...the brown eyes
    So loving...the heart with soul
    So protective...they would give their life

    They are with us only a short time...even when they live to old age
    They speak to us through body language...that we grow to understand, tails wagging, sloppy kisses..."you're home! I am so happy to see you!!!"
    Then one day...they, too, leave us. Expected or not, the pain is terrible...the tears, enough to drown in...
    but we would not give-up one single moment, if we could start all over again.
    For he was to be in your life and you in his. You were with him 'til his tragic end...his destiny. Neither of these foreseen nor could be changed.

    I am so sorry for you my sweet friend. You words come from so deep in your heart...that I can share your pain~

    Hugs & Much Love

    1. my last sentence...first word, should have been "your", not you. Sorry for the typo~

    2. Oh Wow...Jan, my dearest friend...your kind words honestly brought tears to my eyes.
      Your's almost as if you are here in my mind...and are feeling all I felt, and still do.
      Dearest Jan...thank you...oh thank you so much!

      All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  5. What lovely and beautiful poem, This year we lost two pets, was so sad, a difficult year. Much love dear !!

    1. Oh Gloria...I so, so feel for you. You have had such a dreadful year...and my heart truly goes out to you...with much love and compassion...and big hugs xoxoxo

  6. OMG friend Ygraine ... this made me cry so hard ... so sorry ... so sorry ... I remember my black Lab Piwo ... Had him for 13 years ... what a true friend he was ... he even knew a day before when a headache would hit me and he would not leave my side then ... nonetheless, when it became obvious, that he would die soon ... I had my precious daughter in law Leanne take him to the vet ... because I could not bear the thought of seeing him go ... tears ... ya ... Love, cat.

    1. Oh Cat...isn't it utterly heart-breaking when we lose them?!
      Sometimes seems really unfair that our lifespans are so much longer than theirs...
      So sorry you've been through this pain I'm in tears again, so sad...

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  7. Captures the full realm of a loving relationship. The best are those we know can’t be controlled, even the heartbreak such relationships bring.

    1. Oh he had such a personality, Anthony...always took centre stage!
      In spite of his tragic passing...I'd still not change a single day of our time together.
      Yes, he was one of my very best friends.

      Thank you so much :))

  8. Beautiful character study of a creature designed to have fun. There is more goofiness in a dog than can be contained in one lifetime, which is a good argument in favor of an afterlife.

    1.'ve just about hit the nail on the head there, Geo: I am absolutely convinced that my son is Khan reincarnated!!
      He has the same crazy, wild personality...and as a young child used to delight in dashing away from me and hiding out so I'd have to work hard to find him!
      I only hope and pray he doesn't meet a similar end...
      He finds the notion all very amusing! *smiles*

      Many thanks, Geo.:))

  9. A very touching post that a fellow animal lover can really resonate with!

    1. Oh thank you so much, happy you enjoyed...:))

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  10. Such a touching post!!! Your words really connected with my heart! One of our dogs, was hit by a train. She would always howl, when it would come by our old house. Well one day, she got away and went right beside the train tracks to howl and she was hit. So sad! Big Hugs and Much Love!

    1. Oh Sweetie...I am so, so sad for you...that must have been absolutely horrendous.
      So sorry to have revived such a sad memory for you...:(
      Still...we have the happy memories of our beloved pets, don't we...and they will remain in our hearts forever.:))

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

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  12. Oh my gosh. My heart! I think it just shattered into million pieces.

    1. Oh thank you so much, Lux...for feeling it all...for being there with me.
      It really means so much...:))

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    1. Never mind...I've had a change of heart ;)


    2. Never too late for that, dearest Jan!

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  15. Somehow I feel he's still with you my friend, for I believe it's hard to break a bond once bonded.


    Dark Witch

    1. Oh how I love to feel that too.
      And I really believe, as you do, that true bonds can never be broken...not even by death...
      Oh thank you so much for understanding, my friend...:))


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