Saturday 16 July 2016


This is the lived-for time, activities time.
All windows are thrown open.
I have my sum cream -
three tubes of it -
and a new bikini on standby

waiting in the dark of my wardrobe
to finally be worn
and fade in the sunlight, while my skin
turns red then golden brown.
But, oh, dream on! The wait is so protracted.

This is the season that can never be relied upon.
It is the season that mostly disappoints,
with clouds heaped up like mountains.
heavily, heavily filtered through raindrops

casts a graded grey sheen over the landscape.
Drab asininity. Depressing.
Stuck indoors.
It is the rain that governs all,
but neither purposely nor unintentionally:

only arbitrarily.
This is a period of blind faith, of craving and praying for sun -
a sun so elusive I hardly remember it's beauty,
it's warmth,
it's effect on the earth:

all that blossoming and burgeoning, that is still on hold.
Only hope keeps me going,
and golden memories of rare heatwaves.
It is these I thrive on, rather than present reality.
But the rain batters everything, there is no escape.

Now there is a virtual lake where the lawn should be,
with dissolving worm casts.
The garden's tears are brown.
They spread onto the patio, leaving nowhere to walk

except in wellies
and are systematically drowning all the insects.
The sun is alpha male,
all-powerful, laughing at us from his high throne:
uncontested sovereign of the unseasonal

who delights in thwarting our year-long holiday plans.
Summer is for the foolish -
the foolish who believe in the sun god,
who worship him in the rain,
their bodies numb with cold and brains too dumb to reason.

Can we survive yet another English summer? Will the roses
blossom before rotting on their stems,
or live long enough to see the sun?
If so, what will they smell of - mildew?
Sudden chink in endless cloud. Gorgeous sunset.

Pass my camera. QUICK!!!


  1. It’s the reminders of English summers that make one appreciate those sunny days even more. Wonderful writing.. See the sun peaking through here☺

    1. Oh absolutely!
      Strangely enough, after posting this...we now have temperatures in excess of 40 degrees!!
      Being England though, it won't last! lol

      Many thanks, Anthony!:)

  2. Outstanding writing, dearest Ygraine...but I am not surprised. You write from deep within your soul to touch ours...your fans~

    Hugs and Much Love

    Love the photos, too...gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you so much, dearest really are so kind :)

      I love your new is so YOU, and is a genuine pleasure to visit.:))

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

    2. Thank you, sweet friend...I know that I have been all over the place :) but I do feel as if I am finally settling in to a nice blog~

      Hugs & Much Love

  3. Yes, this is outstanding Ygraine. And I could so relate to the weather references, sounds like the BC summer we are having. But this year, with a move pending, I am so grateful for the cooler temps. and rainy days. They energize me, the heat does not.

    The sun will shine again and the days of swim and sand will return. :-)

    Have a wonderful, happy summer my friend, G

    1. I agree, Geraldine - these temperatures are a bit too much in the other direction.
      I know...being English, I should be accustomed to such fluctuations...but today it is airless and there's nowhere to go where you can fell comfortable.
      Ha, complaints over...this is still better than the perpetual rain! lol

      Oh you are so kind...thank you so much.
      And good luck again with your pending move...:)

      Wishing you a fabulous summer too...and looking forward to your return to Blogland...

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  4. Intriguing poem and striking photo. Brava!

    1. Thank you so much, Geo...that truly means so much...:))

  5. Ah . . . that sunset truly is gorgeous, Ygraine, my friend, which may surprise you coming from a Witch like me who loves darkness!

    1. No surprise at all, my are balanced in all things...and I am truly in awe.
      So happy you liked the sunset...and your beloved darkness wasn't far behind...:))

  6. Fantastic my friend!! Another piece of writing that captures everything perfectly!! Big Hugs!

    1. Oh thank you,, so much! :))

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  7. __There is always something good that can be grasped beyond any disappointment that first assaults our being. The glee of nature, is what we see, and where we live.

    The sunset; closes this imperfect day; an owl prays.

    1. ...and how your amazing wisdom continues to uplift my thoughts!
      Absolutely...all extremes of Nature...our native climate and it's many challenges...aah the wise owl could teach me so much too...*smiles*

      Many thanks, Doug! :))

  8. its been a hot summer here...first while i was in Nepal...and living in my sweat between cold showers....and now back was over 100 several days here this week...but then we have torrential thunderstorms as well, bringing a bit of relief...of course this could not be about weather at all...smiles.

    1. Yes, it was...born out of the despondency of enduring 7 months of almost continual cold and rain!
      But now, like you, we now have the heatwave...and widespread thunderstorms forecast for tonight!
      Then, I suppose, it will be back to square one! ;)

      Many thanks.:)

      So good to have you back, Brian. Seems you really enjoyed living in Nepal. Must have been a really amazing experience...:))

  9. This is amazing - i LOVE your words in this poem -...

  10. I love these lines:

    "I have my sum cream"
    "waiting in the dark of my wardrobe"
    "But, oh, dream on! The wait is so protracted."
    "This is the season that can never be relied upon.
    It is the season that mostly disappoints"
    "a graded grey sheen over the landscape.
    Drab asininity."
    "But the rain batters everything, there is no escape."
    "The sun is alpha male,
    all-powerful, laughing"
    "Summer is for the foolish -
    the foolish who believe in the sun god,
    who worship him in the rain
    their bodies numb with cold and brains"

    1. Hi "Piano Warm"...and thank you so much for your visit, and for these wonderful words of encouragement.
      So happy you enjoyed...:))


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