Saturday 4 August 2018


Trespassing beyond the barrier
in a stately home. I'd long been hankering
to touch, to experience the savoir vivre
of life for the privileged few.

A solid oak door before me.
It's four snarling lion head carvings,
with their spiteful-looking elongated fangs,
seemed to issue a dire warning to the uninvited.

So did I take heed? Red rag to proverbial bull!
Sudden rush of childlike audacity. I gripped the handle,
while convincing myself of a clear conscience. Well,
I had parted with a small fortune for the entry ticket, hadn't I?

The door creaked open and I was enveloped in the sweet fragrance of pot-pourri,
while exquisite objets d'art and intricate tapestries delighted the eye.
I argued that these hidden treasures my phone was recording
would be a wondrous revelation for all my fellow commoners.

However, the eyes that stared out of old portraits on the walls
were distinctly hostile at this unauthorized intrusion
into their descendants' lives. Approaching footsteps,
quick and light, from the other side of far door.

Then two girls burst in, engrossed in their hushed conversation.
They half-danced, half-skipped across the room
in their pink and cerise silk dresses, giggling
and discussing a foreign Prince they'd danced with the night before.

Fortunately, they failed to notice the interloper concealed among the marble statues,
where she stood stock-still in sheer terror of discovery.
Rooted to the spot and with pounding heart, I hardly dared breathe.
By the time they left, I practically collapsed with relief.

I honestly can't remember how I escaped from that room.
But I still wince at the memory of how unwelcome and inferior I felt
amid such opulence. It was as if I'd strayed into another world...
a lot like living on Mars.


  1. Loved reading this Ygraine …

    Yes, those barriers - I never did go past :)
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

    1. So happy you enjoyed, Jan!
      Ha, I would never dare enter into such an adventure now...but as for my younger

      Many thanks.☺☺

  2. really nice Ygraine, send you hugs and love!

    1. Thank you so much, Gloria...really happy you enjoyed!

      Sending you much love and hugs too xoxoxo

  3. Loved this. It seems to be the voice of, or when young and less comfortable. As we get older such awe is replaced with who cares, and standing up for our equal place in this world.

    1. *smiles* I was thirteen at the time, and was what my mother described as a "dare devil!"
      You are so right longer in awe...I perceive those people as like myself, only with much more money!

      Many thanks, Anthony.☺☺

  4. Smiling broadly in rueful recognition. And wincing as reading the previous comment I am still suck in that younger, less comfortable mind set. And believe my place in the world is small.

    1. What you are saying here really strikes a chord!
      Although maturity has taught me to behave differently, I still inwardly feel my place in this world is small and insignificant. Maybe that is why I always rush to the aid of the underdog? An awareness of kinship!
      Oh thank you for being so honest and open about how you has helped immeasurably to know I am not alone in secretly feeling this way.☺☺

  5. Being brave is not my guess who would not have had the courage to see how the other side lives in their pampered world behind fancy doors!
    You are an amazing woman who is very talented and so, so sweet!

    Big Hugs and Much Love

    1. Dearest Jan...oh how kind you are...and how your words touch my heart.
      No, there is no way I would do anything like that now...but when I was thirteen, I seemed to be fearless and curiosity was much stronger than the possibility of repremand!! Lol

      Lots of love and hugs xoxoxo 😊😊

  6. What an EXCELLENT poem dear Ygraine!

    Time is teacher with stick of bitter sweet experiences so we can lean how to survive among all wonders of worlds !

    i am less smart to be fit in situations when one feels Less than others because i cannot dare to doubt the love of my Creator for me !

    I feel lucky to find you as reading you is not only a pleasure but a wonderful way of learning
    Hugs! and more blessing to you my friend!

    1. Dearest Baili...your kind and understanding words are such a comfort to me...I can't begin to express how much.
      Oh thank you so much!😊😊

      And you have taught me so much too...your wisdom is amazing...and your friendship so very precious...

      Sending you much love and hugs xoxoxo

  7. I have went through this many of times, but now, this is me! Sadly, many people feel this way all through their lives! Brilliantly written, as always!! I love your words my friend! Big Hugs!

    1. And, Sweetie, I am truly in awe of you!!
      You are now how I wish I could be...
      Oh I can pretend on the outside to be strong and confident...but is a different story.
      I so aspire to be like you someday!
      Thank you so much.😊😊

      All my love and hugs xoxoxo

  8. Brilliantly written. All the best!

    1. My heartfelt thanks, dear Has...I so appreciate that!😊😊

      Big Hugs xoxoxo


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