Saturday 27 October 2018


From bleak expanse of Bodmin Moor
to forbidding grey hulk of Jail,
the very air is infused with dread.
Uneasy stillness. No birds singing. This could be
the seventeen-seventies, eighteen-eighties - any century.
Time itself appears suspended within these sinister walls
that loom so menacingly over surrounding houses.
There is something rotten to the core here, you can feel it.

Crossing the threshold. Pitched into a twilight world
where vestiges of a gruesome past
still linger,
where the Souls of long-deceased prisoners
continue to wander in utter torment:
hazy faces glimpsed gazing from barred windows
and spine-tingling moans
that you hope and pray are mere trick of the wind.

Such collusion of mulish impressions,
emotionally draining to the point of exhaustion.
Two-hundred-and-forty years
and fifty-five executions - fifty-one of them public.
The intense anxiety
of the condemned convict's final walk to scaffold can barely be imagined,
neither can the macabre glee of the onlookers.
Ah, the rank inhumanity of en masse sadism!

No pathetic prisoner now within
this decaying cell where once Selina languished.
Just a faint echo of her desperate sobbing,
pathetic and guilt-ridden. What is it
that survives to grieve so
for a young son, murdered
to appease a false lover? The Soul's
harrowing lament infiltrates the emotions

until you're forced to close down awareness.
A child - a labour of love - and that love destroyed
for the likes of him. Oh unworthy one,
who abandoned her here in this sepulchre. She died
clutching a white handkerchief. Her final words,
"Lord deliver me from this miserable world."
Then the executioner pulled the lever
and sent her plummeting into eternity.

Oh Selina,
I can feel in this dank and claustrophobic cell
your suffering and your anguish, impregnated
within this restless darkness.
And through you naive innocence have learned,
and so finally understand with such empathy.
Poor Selina, how your abject terror of being alone
drove you to the unthinkable act of infanticide.
Mute, these walls are screaming "REMORSE! REMORSE!"


  1. Yes a dark place, so wonderfully expressed in your words. So sad too the story of Selina.
    There really is a sad curiosity when it comes to evil and the horrors we are capable of that makes visiting such places so interesting.

  2. I agree. When I visited this place, I felt disgusted with those bygone crowds who gathered here to watch the executions with such glee. But then, what drew me here, but the curiosity to see the same place where these abhorrent things happened? Human nature can be so hypocritical sometimes!
    Thank you, much! :))

  3. Sounds like a really scared place and you write amazing from it !
    Love and hugs !xo

    1. Yes, it is really eerie, Gloria...certa cert brought me out in goosebumps!
      Thank you so much, my dear Friend!😊😊

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  4. An incredibly evocative poem. My heart aches for those who were destroyed here. Those who were incarcerated, those who were killed, their jailors and those who came to watch.

    1. My heartfelt thanks, EC...yes, a sad place for every soul who passed through its sombre walls. Doesn't really bear thinking about...

  5. Wow! My skin ripples with goosebumps. I have never been on Bodmin Moor, nor know little of the jail. That is, before I read your powerful words. I now feel the cold, dank air, see the contorted faces of those interned and feel their last moments of desperation. I love your writing, Ygraine!

    1. Dale...I have missed you!!
      So good to know you're back...
      Yes, this is one of the most atmospheric places I have ever visited...the sort of location you really don't want to linger in. And holds a strange fascination...

      Sending you much love and hugs xoxoxo

  6. What a poem, and I thank you for including the link to Selina.
    I've not visited Bodmin Moor, but feel sure that your words described the place, the feeling, the atmosphere so well.

    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Oh thank you, much!
      I only wish I could have expressed the experience more accurately...but just couldn't find the words to describe how oppressive the atmosphere is there. I have been tempted to join an overnight paranormal vigil there, but I think it would prove too overwhelming!

  7. Bom dia,excelente partilha do belo poema, seus poemas fogem ao normal, são diferentes e atractivos.
    Feliz semana,

    1. Oh thank you so much, AG...I so appreciate that!
      And so happy you enjoyed...😊😊

      A hug.

  8. Ygraine, your writing never ceases to amaze me, its flame just keeps getting brighter and brighter my friend!

    When I fell into a trap thinking I had to believe the way some others were telling me I needed to believe, I too was in prison, except without bars or walls around me. It was my mind that became imprisoned, but once I freed my mind from what I was told I had to believe and returned back to being me I became totally free once again!

    1. Oh Lon, I can see such a difference in you!
      Yes, I'd say follow your intuition...and don't let anyone tell you how to live your life. I've been there too, and it only leads to inner conflict in my experience.
      Never stop believing in yourself, my are worth so much more than that!😊😊
      So happy you enjoyed the poem!

  9. Interesting poem and strange looking place.
    I can feel some turmoil and fear
    in your poem. You have a gift of words and imagination.


    1. Thank you, Ann...I really appreciate that! :))

  10. some time, wall can't "jail" our freedom...especially freedom of mind.

    What a poem... You described the prison and feeling inside its excellently.

    Have a great day

    1. Yes, Tanza...the one consolation for the tragic prisoners of that brutal era, I guess.
      Thank you so much...:))

      Wishing you a great weekend.

  11. Thank you for the link to Selina. What a horrible story! Thank you for your poem and the way you describe everything Ygraine! You are amazing at the way you write! Big Hugs!

    1. Oh thank you so much, Sweetie!:))
      Yes, her story really touched me too...and has continued to haunt me to this day.

      Sending lots of love & Hugs xoxoxo

  12. Another master piece dear Ygraine !

    each time you leave me wondering "how do you do this"?

    Most terrifying story through link here ,gave shiver to my body and tears falling to my eyes oh this world is weird place when you meet people like Selina !

    1. Yes, made me feel exactly as you have described, dearest Baili. Can't even begin to imagine how much some people have to suffer. Gosh, we are the lucky ones, aren't we?!
      Thank you so much...:))

      Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

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