Friday 5 October 2018


Painting is an enigma to me. But Austin, all serious,
stands back frowning and mumbling to himself
as though he equates each finished piece with self-worth.
He is fully immersed in his latest endeavour, brush
flitting from palette to canvas, canvas to palette;
perfecting highlight, shading, skintone, eyes.
Anticipation of the final hanging
spurs him on - but not too quickly
for the pleasure of the completed masterpiece,
all beauty and sensuality, is well worth waiting for
with it's vibrant life in every brush stroke.

Where does the compulsion originate I wonder -
to be so fanatical a perfectionist
instead of just a regular man? He is a visionary,
a colour blender, a master craftsman,
an illusion maker and so on and so on.
From handmade frame to position on wall
he is sole creator, my multi talented
other half, my constantly distracted Soul Mate.

The brush moves in patterns I can't quite fathom:
long strokes, short strokes, feathering, blending,
faster than the eye can follow, leaving me breathless.
He's oblivious to everything around him. I could be
a million miles away, or not even exist at all.

His present inspiration is abstract: the product
of an incredibly fertile mind - and an insular lifestyle
of missed assignations and unopened mail.
It never ceases to amaze me
how the original barely there sketch
grows moment-by-moment into something
infinitely greater than the sum total
of it's components. Every atom of his being
is poured into each individual labour of love.

I can't get my head around artistic talent,
but it is undoubtedly a form of genius
when you think about it - creative imagination
transformed into something so visually arresting.
I guess the real beauty is in the translation:
the individual significance, depending upon each beholder's
interpretation of lines, spaces, patterns and symmetry.

Strange to observe those weathered hands
with their rough patches and pronounced veins
as they perform their delicate and precise motions
over hours, over days, over weeks and months.
It is asking too much, I know,
to hold his attention for any longer
than five minutes in a day.
Ah...such is the life of an Artist's wife!


  1. I can't get my head around artistic talent either. It fills me with awe (and I will admit to a smidge of envy).
    And you too are an artist. Your palette is words and you employ them so very skilfully.

    1. Oh that is so kind, EC...I hardly know how to reply...only to most heartfelt thanks! :))
      A Hug.

  2. Simply wonderful Ygraine and what a tribute to an obviously talented artist. I really enjoyed this poem, especially as I love to paint too.My dear mom was a talented painter. Some of my most prized possessions are the painting I have that she created, many years ago. I fancy her painting with the masters now! I hope that's true, we used to talk about those possibilities before she left this world.

    Big hugs and Happy Thanksgiving😊

    1. I am sure she is, Geraldine...I have no doubt about that!
      I have always believed that we take our talents with us into the next world...after all, there would be no point to having a talent if it was only for such a short time, would there? :)
      I am so happy you enjoyed...and thank you so much! :))

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  3. Isn't it incredible watching someone do an art form that seems to come naturally to them...while clueless yourself as to what's going on.
    Loved the opening to this post, it kept me hooked! I'm not a writing teacher giving props, I'm just a fellow writer saying good job. Haha.

    1. Absolutely! It seems like magic when I watch the paintings take shape and come alive! *smiles*
      I am so happy you enjoyed...and thank you so much for your is truly appreciated! :))

  4. My Dearest Ygraine, you have not only written a masterpiece you have painted one, in words, the artist himself! I can see him and smell the scent of his paints.
    You are an amazing writer🎨

    Hugs and Much Love ❤❤❤

    1. Dearest really are one of the most kind people I have ever known...and I am so very grateful to have you as my friend! Thank you so, so much.:))

      I have been thinking of you so much...I do so hope your sister is improving.
      Try to stay positive, my dear friend...I am sending Loads of Healing wishes and Hugs.

      All my Love xoxoxo

  5. Such a perceptive peace.. Wonderfully expressed. This artist’s neglected wife, totally agrees.

    1. Oh Anthony...coming from so great an artist yourself, this is indeed a huge sincerest thanks!:))

      Yes, I'm sure your wife can wholly sympathize with this! lol

  6. A wonderful poem and I agree with EC your palette is words …
    You paint the picture and tell the story with your words so well … we are there and enjoying every moment.
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Oh gosh...I could almost cry...your so kind words have truly touched my heart!
      Oh thank you, much!:))

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  7. You are an artist of words Ygraine!!! This is an amazing write! You described everything so perfectly! Big Hugs! I hope you are well!

    1. Oh are the kindest friend...thank you so, so much!! It means such a lot to know you enjoyed...:))

      I am having a few health issues at present that hopefully will be sorted soon.
      Do hope you are ok...and that your online problem is being resolved.

      All my Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  8. I love the way you pose yourself questions. There's a search in your poem which I enjoyed a lot. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed, CiL...and thank you so much!
      I was really good to see you've posted again...I so enjoyed the music! :))

      Greetings from Hampshire.

  9. with you sublime tribute you made me fall in love with him dear Ygraine
    any art springs from the blood of artist and who knows better it than you my friend!
    amazing skills my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dearest Baili...oh are so kind!!
    My sincerest, most heartfelt thanks...:))

    Sending you my love & hugs xoxoxo

  11. I love the way you write! By the way, I have just discovered your blog, you have a new subscriber ;)

    1. Oh wow...thank you so much, Sophie...I really appreciate that!!
      Will come to visit your blog shortly.:))


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