Friday 30 August 2019


Are we or aren't we going to leave?
No one is sure quite what to believe.
The nation has elected to be taken out.
Yet now the decision is in grave doubt,
courtesy of the minority "remainers"
oh such irritating complainers (!)
who've thrown the country into disarray -
civil unrest can't be far away!
They're demanding another Brexit vote,
although the majority chose metaphoric moat
between ourselves and Europe's State,
intending to firmly close the gate
on laws imposed from a foreign place.
Embarrassing it is and such a disgrace
that elected members refuse to honour
the people's wishes and so dishonour
all that made Britain great:
democracy and fair debate.
So come on guys, don't you think it's time
to finally behind Boris stand in line
and support him in a united front
against dictatorship's power hunt?
This is our domain and not theirs,
a precious inheritance to leave our heirs.
We are not German, French or Irish,
but independent and singularly British.
Just think for a moment all you who doubt,
what has our culture always been about -
a self-sufficiency and inventiveness
that makes us unique in our Britishness.
And how do you think we managed before
to survive through more than a single World War?
Before the Union we could hold our own -
and now, deal or no deal, we'll be stronger alone.


  1. Hello, Ygraine!
    Every country has their own issues... hope you guys can solve your problems the best way possible, as we're trying to save ours!

    1. Yes, quite a problem everywhere, politics, aren't they?
      I am avoiding the TV news channels like the plague at present!! Lol
      Thank you so much xxx

  2. Concordo con Ana Bailune
    Buona serata

  3. What is happening to our world? There is so much unrest. Hope our problems get settled soon.

    1. Yes, it is so unsettling, isn't it?!
      Seems to me like the entire planet is in flux...😕
      So I guess all we can do is hang on in there!!

      Thank you...😊😊

  4. wow, well said - ...Nicely explained.

    1. Many thanks, Sandy...that is really appreciated!😊😊

  5. 'that elected members refuse to honourthe people's wishes and so dishonourall that made Britain great democracy and fair debate' So deep! Hope the problems get settled as soon as possible! Best wishes

    1. My hope too...and for all the other nations who are facing unrest!
      I think the world is slowly going mad!
      Many thanks 😊😊

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, indeed, Sue...I will just be relieved when it is all over. You can't turn on the TV without all the arguing...more like children in the playground than mature politicians! Lol
      Many thanks, my dear Friend!

      Love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. It is terrible that those in a higher power do not listen to the people's opinions on brexit...or in our country on anything.
    You are such an amazing writer my dear friend. You can turn any subject into poetry!!!

    Big Hugs and Much Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Yes, dearest frustrating.
      The vote goes to the country, and then some dislike the they demand another referendum...and then another...and another...
      It is driving me crazy!!!
      Oh you are so heartfelt thanks.😊😊

      Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Very wisely written, I was sad about Brexit, I somehow can not believe that UK will not be a part of EU with us all anymore. Hope it will turn out ok for all of the British people.Have a lovely weekend ☺

    1. Thank you so much, Natalia.
      I am not at all sure how it will go...but I just want all the bickering to be over!
      I am certain, though, that we will still be close to our European neighbours after we leave. I hope so anyway. 😊😊

      Have a great day!

      Hugs xxx

  9. Replies
    1. Aww...thank you, The!😊😊

      Hugs ❤❤❤

  10. Come back Guy Fawkes...ALL is forgiven...! :o).

    1. Well said!! Lol
      Many thanks, Willie 😊😊

  11. Thank you so much for your visit...and for your great comment. I really appreciate it!😊😊
    Am following you. A fabulous blog! xxx

  12. Oh that is so kind...and I really appreciate your encouraging comment!
    Thank you so, so much!

    Have a super day! xxx

  13. These are fantastic words Ygraine …

    Just been watching the result of tonight's vote, not good.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan!
      No, not good at all...😕

      Hope you're having a good day!

      Hugs xxx

  14. these beautiful words. I always enjoy reading your posts dear thank you for the quality words.

    Have a nice day
    Kinza Khushboo
    Glamorous without the Guilt
    Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

    1. Aww, thank you so much!!😊😊

      Wishing you a great weekend.

      Hugs xxx

  15. Feelings at this end are different but still of a respectful nature.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you, CiL...and my respect for the other side too... it's just that the current divisions in Parliament are driving me insane!!😬
      And I have a huge respect for Boris.

      Greetings from Hampshire.

  16. Hello Ygraine!
    Our homelands have problems, because to be perfect they would have to be called mothers, not fathers.
    Kisses !!!

    1. I think there may be a compliment in there! Lol
      Yes, I know there are problems all around the world... it's just that so many of our politicians are currently acting like spoilt children!
      Thank you so much.😊😊

      Hugs xxx

  17. my precious fiend i am sorry that i am late (i don't know how) to this wonderful poem
    how finely and poetically you dealt with topic

    it is strange that authorities are taking so much time in decision making
    hope they prefer the will of nation instead their own profits

    much love and hugs dear Ygraine :)


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