Saturday 30 November 2019


Boris and Jeremy going head-to-head
both promising us the earth.
But can we believe a word they've said
when words can be of such little worth?

They're slugging it out upon our streets
campaigning door to door,
predicting for us fantastic treats
and an end to being poor.

They'll cut our taxes, provide more schools
and fund the NHS.
What? Do they really take us all for fools?
We've heard it before in excess!

Who'll pay for Jeremy's free broadband for all,
the five percent super rich?
I believe his plans will go to the wall
when he encounters a major hitch.

For how does he think these elite will react?
They'll simply emigrate
and then the burden will be ours in fact,
leaving us in a sorry state.

The rich will be ok and the scroungers carried,
under Labour it's always that way.
But what of all those in between who are harried
and their earnings taxed away?

And how about the 'affordable' housing he's promised?
Where will it all be built?
Many thousands per annum is the gist -
and on green belt - does he feel no guilt?

And, anyway, who will foot the bill?
Once again it will fall upon us.
The alternative is more borrowing that will
be no less than scandalous.

We'll be plunger ever deeper into negative equity -
plus our worst recession yet.
Oh is this man so lacking in pity -
aren't we already too deeply in debt?

When challenged, our Jeremy skirts the edge
of truth, half-truth and lie.
He uses metaphor and deliberately hedges
in order to mollify.

Now Boris is a different kettle of fish,
his replies are far more direct.
They're loaded with humour and cleverish,
and the referendum result he'll respect.

Outlandish pledges are not his style,
his are believable.
And I sense no falsehood behind his smile,
nor in his absence of meaningless babble.

Oh I know he's a bit eccentric at times
and some see him as a "scruffy buffoon".
But when it comes to our rising rate of crimes,
he's committed to reducing them soon.

Well, I've watched and listened and made my decision
through intuition and logic combined,
and my vote will go to the politician
who will honour all he's outlined.

So my choice is Boris the Conservative
'cos I know he'll uphold the tradition
of our once-great nation, and carefully sieve
out all of this negative sedition.


  1. I hope you get the results your country needs.

  2. Thank you, Sue. Can't say I hold out much hope though! Lol xxx

  3. sublime story of what is going on currently in your beloved land dear Ygraine !

    i think when it comes to politicians there is no difference between east and west :(

    i am glad you think one of them worth your vote though :)
    i hope he fulfills the hopes of nation and not disappoint them who have faith in him,amen!

    1. Thank you so much, dearest Baili!😊😊
      I agree, it seems to make no difference at all which part of the world we live in...politics is - and I guess always will be - a minefield!
      All we ordinary mortals can do is listen, research to the best of our ability, and then hope we make the best choice...but, of course, if you happen to live in Britain...then there is always the distinct likelihood that the results elected will be overridden!
      And they call this a democracy!!
      Yes, I am hoping Boris won't let us down if he wins...but we can never be sure of anything anymore...😕

      Have a wonderful day, my lovely friend!😊😊

      Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. HeHe! I was a bit unsure if l should leave
    a comment..when reading this first thing..
    But! I've just returned from town, and being
    rude to so many people..I thought..'Why Not'..
    So..."Friends, Romans, Countrymen..lend me your..???

    When l turned 18..eligible to vote..l took to the
    Liberal Party..for what ever reason, not the Tories,
    don't do blue..and not Labour..Yuk! :(.
    So, l've voted Liberal ever since, up until 2016,
    when l took to Nigel Farage and voted, this
    election on the 12th Dec. I wanted to vote Brexit...
    But! l can't as there are no Brexit candidates standing
    down here in the South..The South being Conservative,
    always was, is, and always will Tories are
    mostly Capitalists..(The Rich and Wealthy) one
    else would get a look in..
    I will say..l do like Boris..he will get in with
    a huge majority..give the Labour party a 'kick'in'
    and that silly cow, leading the Lib.Dems...
    Rebuild the wall..and let the Scots have their
    independence..The initials UK..will no longer be
    used, as the country will not be united, the word
    Great..has already been dropped, and is no longer
    put in front of the word Britain..! :(.
    This country has become 'weak' and 'gutless' it is
    run by 'Liars, Cheats, and Thieves'..Sad! So very Sad!

    ooooops! I nearly fell off me 'soapbox'..! :).
    I need another lemon tea..! Hang about...!!!

    So..when l take my voting slip into the box to
    vote..where shall l put my xcrossx...mmmmmM!
    As l can't make my mind up..l'll probably put
    a X in all four boxes..keep them ALL happy..! :).

    They should let us Sicilians run the
    least everyone would be 'protected'..."Nuff Said"..
    ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ 🎅 🤶 ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

    PS..Ygraine...You must do a post on Donald Duck...
    No! No! I mean Donald Trump..! :o).

    1. least I can always rely on you to make me chuckle, Willie...many thanks for your take on the subject!😁😁
      Hmm...Donald THERE'S an idea...!!!

      Have a great day!

  5. Ygraine,
    Who will pay the bill for our choices will always be ourselves. Sometimes we drag some people with us in the act of our choices, but we don't even notice.
    What I do know is that I choose to say that here you have once again written very beautiful lines, with much feeling coming from you.

    1. Doug, you are so right!
      This unexpected election is solely the result of so many politicians refusing to accept the will of the people.
      And what will happen if the result of this one is unpalatable to some? Round in a circle we'll go again!
      It is utterly crazy!!😉
      Thank you so much, my Friend! 😊😊

      Kisses xxx

  6. Politicians are so hard to understand sometimes, thete is not a lot good of them, sadly. Hope everything will be fine in your land☺☺

    1. I guess we can live in hope, Natalia!
      Personally, I will be glad when this upcoming election is over...well, at least until the politicians disagree and we find ourselves back on the same old merry-go-round!! Lol
      Thank you so much!😊😊

      Hugs xxx

  7. That is exactly it, Yannis...that warm feeling should override all differences with unconditional love.
    Terrorists murdering people on the streets in almost every nation in the world, simply because they have different beliefs...people starving, while their governments waste resources on futile wars...etc etc...
    Makes you wonder where we are all heading...😕
    Many thanks for your wise is so good to find a kind heart!😊😊

  8. of course we hope that every politician who promises to his people is truly kept by them, if it is violated, then the destruction of a government will surely occur

    1. I agree. And yet...still it happens.
      Must be difficult for them to please everyone, though...I wouldn't like to be in their shoes!
      Many thanks, Ibrahim.

  9. I Politici? ogni 100 promesse se tutto va bene ne mantengono una!
    Pensano solo al loro alto stipendio e tutti i vantaggi riconosciuti solo a loro.
    Buon inizio settimana.

    1. Yes, unfortunate fact of life I guess.:/
      Many thanks, my Friend! :))

      A Hug xxx

  10. I still don't understand about it? Whats a poetry?

    1. Hi, basically it means translating emotions or imagination into words...a bit like painting a picture in words.
      I hope that is some help.:)

  11. Replies
    1. Thank you happy you enjoyed!😊😊

  12. I enjoyed this Ygraine :)
    The 12th is getting nearer!

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan...yes, almost here.
      I will be so relieved when it is all over...maybe!! Lol

      Hugs xxx

  13. Thank you, Giancarlo...
    and wishing you a happy Thursday!! 😊😊


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