Saturday 18 January 2020


How love deceives!
The romance, that close bond
into which we entered

so eagerly, now dissolves in tears.
Passion has gone cold
and resentment enters our hearts.

The dream, in it's rosy detailed glory,
has faded into formless grey -
like a precious memory lost in time.

Then there is the loneliness - the mourning
for the still-living other. Oh how it hurts.
I have become invisible.

While new lovers celebrate the night
I walk in circles,
a ring of self-questioning: where did go wrong?

Laughter cannot come here,
we have forgotten how to play.
In a home movie,

two strangers deceptively happy, in another life.
Time has stolen their identities.
What has unraveled us?

Venus and Mars? Maybe.
Too much scorched earth -
we were doomed from the start.


  1. Deep! Very Deep!
    Reminded me of the 2008 film..Home Movie..
    Story of one family's descent into darkness,
    using a compilation of home-made found footage...
    In the remote woods of upstate New York, the Poe
    family live in a perfect house...Have a perfect
    marriage...If only the children stopped stapling frogs to trees...Something is very wrong with Jack and Emily Poe,
    the ten-year old twins...And, to stop them, their parents
    must enter the nightmare of their minds...! :(
    The only question is...who will survive the night?

    1. That movie sounds brilliant...just my kind of movie!
      Many thanks for that, Willie...I will seek it out...:))

      Have a super weekend!!

    2. I should watch it ,too☺

    3. I've sent the link to Ygraine..

      It runs for 1hr 16mins..

  2. Thanks for your sharing 😊 greetings from Turkey 🙋

  3. Love this.. Very insightful. Escape into my own home movies more often than I want to admit sometimes☺

    1. Yes, me too!
      Sometimes seems much better than life in the present!! Lol
      Many thanks, Anthony.:))

  4. My dearest and most precious friend...I could feel the pain, the fear, the resentment and yes, the anger and finally the hopelessness.
    Beautifully written and filled with emotions.
    Sadly, a story very true to many...including myself.

    Much Love and great Big Hugs My Sweet and Talented Sister Spirit ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Dearest Jan...oh thank, so much for your kind words!:))
      Yes, I guess most of us have been there at one time or another. A sad fact of life...??

      All my Love and Hugs back xxxxxxx

  5. It is not supposed to be this way.

    1. No Sandi....but sadly, so often is.:/
      Too many clashing egos I guess...
      Many thanks xxx

  6. Grief, like music, is universal.
    A language we all know and none of us understand.
    Yet another powerful poem Ygraine. Thank you.

    1. So beautifully expressed, Sue...thank you so much!! :))

      Much Love & Hugs xxx

  7. Ygraine,
    Love is not a mistake, we are deceived with false love, not with lost love.
    Or romance is pleasing to us ... Life is a maintenance of precious moments ... Some are kind and others are bad.
    But suffering for love is not necessary, sometimes it will be necessary to cry, but without hurting and without retaliation.
    Let's follow our dreams, because dreaming is not a waste of time.

    Very good plus this poem.

    1. Doug, my is it that you never fail to clarify all that previously seemed unfathomable??
      Oh if only I could see with your eyes (if just for an instant), then maybe I could pen some real poetry!:))
      You have the most amazing mind...
      Thank you so, so much!

      Kisses xxx

  8. Oh WOW...thank you, Yannis, so much!
    I really and truly appreciate that...:)) And I am so happy you enjoyed.:))

  9. So beautiful...
    there are questions which cannot be answered. If they did, they would only bring more questions and more answers followed by more questions...sometimes, the only definite answer is a period.

    1. So true, Ana...relationships are one huge mystery! ;)
      Many thanks...:))

      Hugs xxx

  10. Somehow both sad and beautiful at the same time … a powerful poem.

    All the best Jan

    1. Oh thank you so much, Jan...I really appreciate that! :))

      Hugs xxx

  11. mightily done dear Ygraine

    so familiar feeling this had for me

    i think like all other things go through natural process ,it is really really soul crushing to understand in beginning but later i believe it transforms us into new versions of ourselves :)
    not closed physically though yet more powerfully emerged spiritually :) totally my opinion :)
    hugs !

    1. Dearest Baili...oh how you touch my Soul...your understanding of what I'm trying hard to express is so precious to me.
      Oh thank, so much! :))

      Sending you much love and hugs xxx

  12. I like the horror and mystery movie genres, because if I watch both genres, my mind and concentration will be tested

    1. I like those two genres too, Ibrahim...especially horror!

      Many thanks.:))

  13. Replies
    1. Thank you so much...both for your visit and for your kind words of encouragement! :))


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