Sunday 20 February 2011


Have you ever looked at someone for the first time and felt something much, much deeper than mere physical attraction?

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
Intuition at odds with reason
sifting the silt of memories
long dead, entombed in the mists of time.

Fragmented images struggling to resurrect
primeval lives, lost perfection,
disturbing, yet thrilling the centre of being
reawakening a sense of bliss.

Those sensual eyes I recognise,
they ignite a hidden fire
that rages through me unfulfilled,
messing up my head.

Now awareness comes in a blinding flash
of an intimacy profound.
Conceived of the grains of Karmic dust
Twin Souls were born apart.

Dormant today and by destiny bound,
My essence lingers still
in the deepest caverns of your heart,
as you are here in mine.

So forgive me if I sometimes confuse
Soul Mate and fantasy love.
Though ocean and culture distance these lives
I've never left your side.......


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