Friday 18 February 2011


Cycling under Cambridge sun
to St. John's, my vacation done,
thoughts of a term's hard work to come
inspired the wish I had been a bum!

But once inside those Hallowed Halls,
with framed past Masters on panelled walls,
it once again all seemed worthwhile,
as my thesis I resumed to compile.

Then in the Combination Room,
which suddenly felt cold as a tomb,
I glimpsed a shadow by the door
that when I looked was there no more.

Although alone, I knew he was there,
I felt him pass by me to sit in the chair.
A suggestion of spectacles came to mind
As light flashed on glass with dark eyes behind.

Cautious but intrigued, I ventured near
attempting to overcome my fear
in order to more clearly see
this hazy shape in front of me.

I asked for his identity
and felt sure he smiled at me.
'Soon you'll know,' he seemed to say,
then he simply faded away.

That night I slept restlessly
and dreamed a figure beckoned me.
I followed it to find a book,
and picked it up to take a look.

'Dream and Conflict,' I read aloud,
'Dr. Rivers,' I gasped, feeling proud
that such a distinguished scholar as he
should have chosen to contact me.

I awoke inspired to take a trip
to college library and quietly sit
poring over that antique book,
when suddenly my breath it took!

In age-worn pages I had found
an unexpected solution sound
to the problem of the missing part
of the thesis close to my heart.

Now, as my Honors I receive,
I can still hardly believe
just how fortunate I have been
to have Dr. Rivers seen!

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