Saturday 5 February 2011


(Finally on this subject, my perspective!)

Like a pack of baying hounds
You hunt me through the day,
Then when I'm drained and fit to drop
You banish sleep away.

What draws you here unearthly thing,
To leave your grave behind
And come to seek a grain of peace
In this dimension of mine?

You're caught up in an endless loop
Of abstract consciousness,
Suffering memory's grim torment
Which now is mine no less.

Why do you deny me rest
To lament your unlived days?
It wasn't I who took your life,
But a drug-induced haze.

All the while you haunt my thoughts
How can my dreams be free?
And while my memories are yours
How can I be me?

Yet if you tear yourself away
I swear I'll inwardly bleed,
So closely have you forged a link
With me, it's borne a need.

You ask could I endure a place
Where no one gives a jot?
Of course I couldn't, but what's your point?
'A fear we'll be forgot!'

Deep compassion fills my heart
Until I'm choked with tears,
I truly hadn't understood
The nature of your fears.

Your doctor's instincts pull you back
To the trenches of the Somme,
Where countless tortured Souls are trapped
In limbo by the bomb.

You attempt a rescue, but the task's too great
For a solitary ex-human Soul
And so you ask my help to heal
This spiritual black hole.

And so I'm drawn along with you
To the battlefields of France,
Where medium and Spirit Guide
Can ease this hell through trance.

Maybe now we'll both find peace
Together or apart,
But either way I'll not forget 
To remember you in my heart.

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