Sunday 4 December 2011


Last night
in troubled dreams, I saw
the tower of Vortigern fall
through time
into now,
while all around
a greyish darkness enclosed me,
until I stood in the centre
of  decaying wasteland.
Mortally afraid, I sought
the silence inside,
where I found him.
A slight, not very tall man
mounted on a creamy-white stallion.

why have you broken
your promise?' I blurted out.
'Bankruptcy, violence, greed
and wars no one wanted
are bringing down
your once great nation;
while invaders creep in
through bureaucratic cracks
to insidiously destroy us
from within.
Albion needs you now.
Yet still you don't come.
Why, Arthur?
Why have you abandoned
your subjects in our
darkest hour?'

He smiled indulgently,
as if a petulant child
stood before him.
speaking the language of chivalry
(virtually defunct today)
through cloud-form,
Raven song and patterns
woven into the land,
he taught me another way
of seeing.
From the heart.

And I learned
what love is.
It isn't that shallow
ego-driven thing
that all too often
masquerades in its name,
but is the pure
unconditional power
that created the Universe
and resonates in the Soul
of every sentient being.

And I understood
that nothing evil can possibly exist
in the presence of  true love,
and that it is solely
our unloving hearts
that have blocked its free-flow
and allowed this mayhem
to run riot through our land.
We have become the source
of our own destruction.

And I awoke then, knowing
that Arthur hasn't abandoned us.
It is we who have banished him
to the land of legends
and imprisoned him there.

But there is hope yet.
If we can only learn to open
these locked and desensitised
twenty-first century minds,
then maybe he will someday return
from the Blessed Isles,
our Once and Future King,
then Camelot will rise like the phoenix
from the ashes of anarchy
and the promised Golden Age
will dawn again.......


  1. Now this is a good one. Great use of the myth as it applies to today's world.

    "It is we who have banished him
    to the land of legends
    and imprisoned him there"

    These very words sum up so much.

  2. Beautifully written. I love the way you weave your words throughout the poem. And yes we have become the source of our own destruction with our unloving hearts I totally agree :( Magnificient painting Ygraine!

  3. Deep messianic myth here, a well told and Truthful message.

  4. Oh wow!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and dream. Love will win out in the end my dear friend. Love and Truth!!

    Blessings to you on this beautiful Winter morn, V.

  5. This is a very nice poem Am I right n saying that I see a glimpse of our leaders in here somwhere?

  6. Hi Akeith,
    Thank you. I believe he is probably the only one who has any chance of sorting our problems now. We're in too deep!!! Y

  7. Hi Rose,
    Thank you. Yes, I truly believe the World needs love more than anything else right now, and it scares me to see it so lacking.
    Hopefully we will all wake up before it's too late!
    So glad you like the painting.
    It was inspired by the cover of T H White's wonderful novel of the same name :)

  8. Hi Gnome,
    Thank you so much.
    I was aiming to tell a truthful tale here.
    My feelings were strong! Y

  9. Hi Vivienne,
    Thank you so much for such a lovely comment.
    I kinda feel you share my dream of a better World!

    Blessings & Hugs Y

  10. Hi Minur,
    Great to hear from you.
    I think there may be just a little glimpse in there.
    It just sort of slipped in!!!

    Have a good day Y

  11. I very much enjoyed this poem, for its interesting conceit which I found totally acceptable, and for its cracking first stanza.

  12. Dave,
    So happy you liked the poem, and thank you for becoming my follower :)

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