Thursday 22 December 2011


Winter Solstice

They're singing Christmas carols today
in our local shopping mall,
and the seven metre
recently slaughtered Pine
is decorated with glitter and
flashing rainbow lights.
This unnecessary taking
of the life of so noble a being
grieves me, yet
could there be a more fitting
sacrifice to the One God
who has overshadowed the Many?

And you stop
to hug and kiss me
as you pass, and wish me
'Happy Christmas,' your breath
reeking of whisky.
And I nod
then smile, wondering
why you assume
I'm a Christian, simply because
I'm white and live
in England.

Beyond your thunderous celebrations
I hear a more harmonious song, subtle
but immeasurably powerful, issuing
from the roots of time itself.
The Song of Taliesin.
Pulsing through my veins,
it infuses my entire being
with a sense of identity;
is a solemn reminder
that I am a daughter
of the Great Goddess,
a woman of the trees
dwelling within, but not of
your society.

For mine is the much older Path
that leads away
from noisy, crowded places
and into the quiet sanctity
of Oaken Grove, where
communication with The Bright Ones
requires no intermediary, but is
direct and natural.

I have no need of  holy buildings
because no Deity had a hand in
their construction.
They are the work of man alone.
Being inside a Church
makes me feel alienated and cut off
from genuine Spirituality.
A free Spirit such as mine
could never conform to the
unreasonable rules and regulations
set out by the upper hierarchy
of an orthodox religion.
And however well schooled
in ecclesiastical circles, a priest
is still human and is
therefore as prone to misinterpretation
as any layperson.

What I need is the Earth beneath my feet,
the wind in my face - only then
am I being true to my inner nature.
This is what it means
to be a Pagan Druid.

Unfortunately, the
coming of Christianity to these Isles
has robbed us of many
of our Traditional Sacred Sites,
for they now lie buried
beneath Church foundations,
as do the Old Ways
of our Ancestors.
Not a single person wished me
'Solstice Blessings' today,
although it is the native birthright
of so many of us.
I find that rather sad.

Here, tonight,
under these Midwinter Stars,
I feel the crisp frost
crunching underfoot, the
cold air penetrating my robes.
And it feels so good to be home,
in our Place of Unity.
You will find only living Trees here,
adorned by Nature Herself
with spiralling Ivy, crimson berries
and shimmering pearls of Mistletoe.
There is no other beauty to equal
such a magical sight.

As we enter into the Silence now
at this Hallowed Place,
the unmistakable presences
of the Old Gods and Goddesses
permeate the very air around us,
instilling their ancient wisdom
into our living Souls.
This utter Truth
of direct understanding
eliminates the need of faith.
There is simply a profound
inner knowing.

And as the Old Year draws to a close
at the approach of the midnight hour,
we cast away everything
that has been holding us back
these past twelve months,
allowing us to embrace this
New Beginning unburdened
and receptive to new influences.
There is a wonderful sense
of weightlessness and elation.

as the Druidic New Year
is reborn and we ignite the
Light of Arthur in the East,
won't you join us for a
celebratory glass of wine
and slice of Solstice cake?
For this Festive Time of Inspiration
belongs to Everyone, not
just an elite few!

May the Light of Arthur illuminate your life!

Solstice Blessings Everyone
               X X X


  1. 'Solstice Blessings' to you and yours.

    This is well written and very moving.

  2. This is excellent! Well done!

  3. what a magnificent write ... season's greetings to you.

  4. What a wonderful post Ygraine. A very interesting write. Now I know more about pre christianity festivals. Solstice Blessing to you and yours xxx

  5. I send you peace Ygraine, and though late, I wish you Solstice Blessings. Please take my wishings not from a hand of indifference, or unseeing, but from a hand extended in love.

    So for now, Hail the Holly King!

  6. Lovely. And as David Allen used to say:
    "May your God go with you!"

  7. Akeith, thank you from the depths of my heart! You are the first person to wish me Solstice Blessings outside of my own circle of acquaintance.
    I will never forget that.

    Have a wonderful holiday

    Richard, Many, many thanks.
    Very Best of the Season's Blessings

    Celestial Dreamz, I really and truly appreciate that. Thank you so much.
    Have a Wonderful Festive Season.

    Rose, How can I possibly thank you enough? It means so much to have someone understand those of us who have been misunderstood for so long!
    Thank you so much.
    Fondest Season's Blessings

    Gnome, How is it that you have that unique power to bring tears to my eyes at the drop of a hat?
    I am deeply moved by your wonderful comment, and your understanding heart.
    Many, many thanks.
    Seasonal Blessings to You and Yours

    Dave, That is so lovely. I will never feel misunderstood again! This is the first time I have been aware of people of all faiths coming together in understanding and acceptance of each other.
    What a wonderful way to end the Old Year and Begin the New.
    Blessings From the Heart

  8. yes end of an old year and beginning of a new ... and Im so glad to know you at this juncture ... thank you very much for all your kind words ... Solstice Blessings ...

  9. Well done Ygraine. You have been an inspiration to me over the last year,with your interesting variety of post's from factual to humourous, long may you continue.
    Although late Solstice Blessings to you.

  10. Celestial Dreamz,
    You are more than welcome.
    I am so fortunate to know you. You are so very talented, and I love your beautiful poems. Long may they continue!
    Very Best Wishes

    Thank you so much. It means so much to me that you like my blog, and find my posts interesting.
    That is all I can hope for.
    Season's Blessings to you too.

  11. Merry Christmas to you and your family. A most enjoyable poem indeed :-).

  12. Hi Windsmoke, and thank you.
    I hope you have had a good holiday.
    I wish you a brilliant and successful New Year.

  13. Gorgeous, deep and inspirational! We are such kindreds..I relate to all you shared! I love the power pulsing inside every word you write...always so moving..I raise a glass of wine and a solstice cake to you dear kindred!

    Bright blessings of Arthur's blissful light...hugs and sparkles..wishing you a very magical 2012!

    PS; gorgeous photo!

  14. Hi Victoria,
    Thank you so, so much!
    It is wonderful to have found such a kindred Spirit. I feel exactly the same way about your beautiful blog - often visit when I need cheering up, and you never fail me!
    So glad you liked the photo.

    New Year Blessings & Hugs

  15. I don't believe in accidents and here I clicked on this without knowing what it was about and it filled me up with so much happiness and I felt such depth and truth in your words. I needed this and I know it was written last year but this year, I found it and this year I needed it and I'm so grateful for your talent which filled me up like this. You've given me back some hope I had lost. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your words. xoxo

  16. Oh Nyssa,
    I feel so humbled by your words that I am moved to tears. Truly!
    Thank you from the heart for visiting here. As you can imagine, this post was very close to my Soul and to have you visit almost a year later is such a privilege.
    Welcome my friend.

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