Thursday 29 December 2011


His charisma was undeniable.
His manners impeccable.
His charm irresistible.
What choice did they have
but to flock to his banner?

It was easy for him to climb inside
their heads, and engineer fantastic
ideals of self-sufficiency
and supreme power.
It quenched their thirst
for a better life, made them feel
important, invincible.

So they built him a pedestal,
this hero of theirs,
and worshipped at it's base,
fulfilling his every command
with unquestioning obedience.

And even when they began to notice
unmistakable signs of imbalance,
it was excused as
the eccentricity of genius.
So they revered him even more.

Soon, they were deaf and blind
to all but his will.
He had finally created
his dream super-race of inhuman
brainwashed automatons.

It wasn't until they were burying
thousands of mutilated
skeletal bodies, that they saw
the path of his evolution
mapped out
in the entrails of his victims.

Only then did they understand
that Evil Incarnate had changed it's name
to Adolf Hitler.


  1. A very strong poem you have written. He was a very evil man and I fear the day when someone just as evil comes along. There are way too many people who still follow this evil mans teachings. I feel very sorry for them.

    Thank you for wtiting and sharing this. We must never forget that there is evil in this world that needs to be fought.

    Love and Hugs, V.

  2. Thank you Vivienne.
    This poem was the product of a horrible nightmare I had. It took a couple of minutes for me to realise it wasn't true after I woke.
    What a relief when I did!
    I'm almost afraid to go to bed tonight :(

    On a happier note,
    Blessings & Hugs Y

  3. Bravo dear lady another fantastic write - a nightmare yes indeed! Unfortunately, for a man who is so long dead he still has many who follow is teachings and the world is not yet rid of this thread of evil! You have very productive nightmares Ygraine:D

  4. When i read the 5th stanza it dawned on me that this is a poem about that butcher Adolf Hitler and his cronies, all the same you wrote the truth about their atrocities during WW2, hopefully never to be repeated again on the same scale, well done :-).

  5. Wish I didn't Rose - apart from the good dreams that is!
    I probably ate too many rich foods over the holiday!!!

  6. Hi Windsmoke, thank you so much for your comment.
    I do feel really grateful that I never had to live through those appalling times, and I hope no one ever will again. But I guess that is highly unlikely.
    At least we can hope :)

  7. Ygraine you've written a good piece in its look back but it's also a reminder that it's here now and growing stronger while the sheep of the west do nothing. Here are some links to a fav comedian of mine, Pat Condell, that speaks with clarity and rationality about the creeping poison within the west:

    2011 youtube
    2010 youtube
    2008 youtube
    2007 youtube

    His Site
    His YouTube Site


  8. Hi Gnome.
    Thanks for the info on Pat Condell's site. I can relate to his opinions on the subject.
    It is frightening to think that this evil is continuing to grow, even in these so-called 'enlightened' times.
    I think it is time to be strong and to stand up for what is right!

  9. Excellent - and of more general applicability than just to Adolf, I feel!

  10. Hi Dave,
    and thank you.
    I totally agree about the more general applicability. I suppose I mostly think of him when I contemplate evil in the world, but you are absolutely right, it is alarmingly widespread when you look around.
    I suppose we can only hope the human race will finally learn to use it's intelligence more appropriately in the not-too-distant future :)

  11. powerful and excellent ... and I couldn't agree more with the general applicability ...

    and a peaceful joyous new year to you dear ...

  12. A great piece Ygraine and I thought that 'he' was a going to be much earlier figure and a religious figure.

  13. Hi Mel,
    It's great to hear from you again. Unfortunately,
    I think I could probably find another 'he' much earlier AND now, sad though it is. He was just one of many, wasn't he?
    Thanks so much for your comment :)

  14. Hi Celestial Dreamz,
    Thank you so much. My wish for the New Year is for World peace. A bit futile, I know, but I have to hope!

    Have a wonderful 2012 :)

  15. I sincerely hope it's not futile dear lady ... Let us all keep hoping for peace and someday it would be a reality.

  16. Celestial Dreamz, I'm 100% with you on that :)


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