Sunday 1 April 2012


A childhood insight lured me here
as if by some strange spell,
where legend claims that if your foot
should fit then you'll do well

as ruler of all you see from here.
Well, I've no idea if it's true,
but it's worth a try if this place you love
and it's Spirit is calling you.

For here lies Arthur's footprint set
like Excalibur in solid stone,
and only The One Who Will Come can claim
the Pendragon's Cornish throne.

So with heart aflutter and eyes tight shut
I slip in a size two foot.
But, alas, mine is far too small to fit
this ancient shrine underfoot.

There must have been some grave mistake,
for how could this possibly be?
I've always been aware that I am Arthur,
just as he is surely me.

My alter ego all this life he's been,
and I bear his Mother's name.
So if I'm not the Chosen One,
then who has that claim to fame?

It could be you - so if it is
please promise me before
you take your place at the Table Round
that His sovereignty you'll restore.


  1. How interesting, Ygraine!
    I have enjoyed the way you have mingled with the legend very much.
    I am so sorry your foot didn't fit Arthur's print. Well, I promise you that if mine does, I shall restore His sovereignty... or yours because I am sure you are the real Arthur!

    1. Hi Dulcina,
      Aah, I wish!!
      Many, many thanks for your wonderful comment. I do so appreciate it.
      It is a legend close to my heart.

      I love your blog, by the way :)

  2. A Bonza reimagining of the legend of King Arthur with Cinderella thrown in :-).

    1. Hi Windsmoke,
      Haha, I hadn't thought of the Cinderella aspect of the foot fitting the 'slipper'!!

  3. An excellent take on a magical legend. The second and penultimate stanzas I thought were particularly apposite, but for me the poem as a whole ticked all the important boxes.

    1. Thank you so much Dave.
      It is a magical place that I try to visit at least once a year.
      It has such a profound atmosphere that I simply HAD to write about it!

  4. Well this took me on journey today into petrosomatoglyphs. I still have to get to Tintagel island someday but in the meantime I'll be content to spend the time here in these poems & perceptions. :)

    1. Gnome, thank you from the heart!
      I really hope you make it to Tintagel someday. It is well worth a visit.
      And only a stone's throw from there are Rocky Valley and St. Nectan's Glen, both equally as mysterious and evocative as the Great Island itself :)

  5. Truly well woven magic Ygraine!


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