Saturday 21 April 2012


Why did he have to lie?
Was  simply to impress her
that he claimed to be someone big
in the equine world
after catching sight
of her dressage trophies?

And was it really necessary
to take out a loan
just to take her to the races?
Well, he had to play the part convincingly,
how could he do otherwise?
The image he wanted to project
must be believable,
right down to the last detail.
It had cost him the equivalent
of a whole year's wages
to hire a brand new Aston Martin,
kit him out, and have that haircut.
Plus, of course, there was
the obligatory five-star
hotel stay to take into account.

But she was more than worth it.
Just to be seen with her
was reward enough.
She was the most gorgeous,
stunning creature he'd ever seen
and he simply had
to have her - whatever the cost.

His ploy seemed to be working, too.
Better than he'd ever dared hope.
So what did it really matter
if he'd told a few white lies
along the way?
And if he continued to be careful
then, hopefully, no one would
ever discover the truth
of his humble beginnings.

And they wouldn't have, either,
if it hadn't been for
his so-called best mate.
He'd been fanatically meticulous
about avoiding those places
where there was the slightest
possibility of his being recognised.
So bumping into Tom
in that West End street
must have been
a one-in-a-million chance encounter.
'Watcha mate! Wot y' dressed up all posh for?'
then followed all the latest gossip
from the packing factory floor
where they both worked.

The look on her face
as she turned and walked away
would haunt him for the rest of his days.

For months he hid away,
afraid to show his face.
He was a broken man.

Yet she would have loved him
anyway - if only he hadn't lied!


  1. Serve him self right for being so superficial in the first place as she would have found out about him in the end anyway :-).

    1. My sentiments exactly!
      He must have really low self-esteem, don't you think?

  2. Replies
    1. ...and the things they imagine about others! :)

  3. A cautionary tale to reckon with. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. Thank you Dave.
      Yes, cautionary indeed. Think I'll stay with honesty! :)

  4. Lovely.. well written....


    1. Many thanks Sandeep, and great to hear from you. :)

  5. Wonderful write Ygraine. How long did he think he could keep up with the lie? What webs we weave when we first begin to deceive - or it goes something like that:D I can't help wondering though if she wasn't just a little bit disappointed that he wasn't rich and larney but then again anything is better than being a liar :D You left me with a lot of thought (as usual) which is a sign of very good writing! :D

  6. Rose, you are so kind. Thank you.
    I was just thinking of a boyfriend from many years back who seemed to find it impossible to tell the truth, and the poem just sort of grew!
    I suppose he must have felt inadequate in some way, so tried to compensate by altering the way others perceived him.
    Never made him feel any better about himself though, because we all caught him out sooner or later :D

  7. This conveys so much more than some lengthy wordy stories I've read. And regrettably, I've been in this situation - it's so much better to come clean in a bad situataion than to lie and lose trust for ever.

    1. Hi IcyHighs,
      You are so right.
      I guess we're ALL guilty of fibbing now and again, but sometimes it gets out of hand, and then we are unable to stop for fear of losing face.
      In my experience, honesty is always the best option though.
      Besides, why would anyone want to impress someone who failed to love them for the person they are anyway?


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