Sunday 15 April 2012


I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.
Carl Jung

CLASSIFICATION OF LIFE (according to the unenlightened)

    Superior and only important creatures on Earth. Masters of all other species.

    Food, slaves, or (if they are extremely fortunate) pets for humans.

    Food or ornamentation for humans.

    Multiple uses at the discretion of humans.

    Provided solely for exploitation by humans.

    Strictly taboo. Often ridiculed, yet professed to be non-existent.

So when you came to me
on that blackest of nights
and gently kissed my forehead,
were you no more
than a figment
of wishful thinking?

Or could it be
that you slipped through
the veil, while
the Moon Goddess
compassionately averted
Her face from Earth?

Either way, I would have
sacrificed my all
to keep you here,
with me,

So does that make me
a religious abomination?
An aberration of Nature?
Insane, perhaps?
Or just unusually perceptive??

Dedicated to B.W. 
You are sorely missed.


  1. Don't know who B. W. is, but i reckon the last line would fit nicely :-).

    1. Hi Windsmoke,
      Many thanks for not thinking me mad!
      I have had an awareness of, and ability to communicate with 'Dead People' all my life. There is always a reason they visit the living. Often it is no more than passing on a message to a loved one still living, but sometimes it can be due to a Past Life shared connection (as in the case of B.W.).
      All this aside, I am quite ordinary.

  2. With Windsmoke, I'm left wondering who B.W. is and what the back story. An intriguing verse, to be sure!

    1. Hi Dave,
      I have just explained the back story to Windsmoke, so I guess that by now you have read it!
      I have used initials alone in order to protect the identity of this person, who passed into Spirit in 2008.

  3. Abomination, aberration, insane, perceptive, no, just enlightened.

    The B.W. and the title usage of sophism had me trying to figure out the identity of your visitor but I've come up with nothing. I did notice though that the initials are the reverse of William Barnsley (Allen). :)

    1. Gnome, thank you! Not quite enlightened enough, unfortunately, because as yet I'm not able to control these communications. They still happen at random and usually when they're least expected!

      I apologise for keeping you in the dark as to the identity of this person, but he was (and still is) a very private person, so it would be unethical of me to divulge this information publicly, as he was fairly well known to many people.
      However, I can say that he has a very similiar take on life to mine (hence the classification part, which is his input):)

  4. Such perception is indeed a gift and should be treasured! I believe everyone is born with this gift not everyone nutures it. 'unenlightened' is the perfect word for people who classify life in the six ways you mentioned. I am not so kind and would refer to them as shallow! Mostly people are afraid of the unknown and insist on finding 'logical explanations' for anything vaguely spiritual that occurs to them but do they ever? Good write ygraine :D

    1. Hi Rose,
      You are absolutely right. Every one of us is born with the ability to 'see' beyond the boundaries of the physical, but most shut it out from an early age, usually out of fear.
      I am one of those who are unable to do so. I'm just too open. I am at present just beginning to work at this earnestly. I would like to eventually work in the field of Spiritual healing because I feel that the World desperately needs that more than ever at this time.
      Thank you so much for your understanding, without ridicule!:)

  5. Deep poem, indeed, where you denounce today's indifference towards spirituality when we most need of it in our worldly lives. A subject strictly taboo, often ridiculed, yet professed to be non-existent, yes!
    Many people say "I only believe in what I can see", so, where is love...?
    Unusually perceptive...? not so "unusual", Ygraine, for many people don't dare say it happens to them, fearing they would be considered what you call a religious abomination, an aberration of Nature or insane.
    Who can explain what love is...? Does it mean it doesn't exist?
    The most beautiful things in life are those we cannot explain.
    Who are more stupid, those who believe in the supernatural or those who believe in Big Bang?
    Your classification of life is so sadly true!
    So many different levels mixed in your poem.
    My favourite lines:

    - I would have
    sacrificed my all
    to keep you here,
    with me,

    I am sure B. W. slipped through the veil, while the Moon Goddess compassionately averted Her face from Earth and he would have sacrificed his all to keep you wherever, with him, indefinitely...

    1. Dulcina,
      Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment.
      It truly means so much to me to be understood.

      That classification of life is something I would love to see change in this lifetime. It feels so wrong.
      How could one form of life be so much more important than another? The balance is wrong, that much can be seen everywhere we look in the World at the moment. What it needs is more love, less self-centredness. At least you and I can see that.

      The last part honestly brought tears to my eyes. That I could be loved that much...enough for him to reach out to me here on Earth, because I'm aware how much effort it takes to do that.

      Thank you for helping me to see more clearly.
      I so appreciate that :)

  6. Many thanks SB.
    And thank you for visiting :)


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