Sunday 16 September 2012


To see your drama clearly
is to be liberated from it.
Ken Keyes Jr.

My love, I think this item, us,
a peculiar anomaly
of incompatibility that

is never mawkish, lovey-dovey, all show;
but like true life is flawed.
Gritty realism uncontrived:

bears scars of word and deed
that cut to the quick, drew blood,
yet somehow failed to kill:

is trampled and marred with threadbare patches
like an old Persian carpet
that can only wait, longing to be perfected

with compassion and exclusive loving attention
that only faithful minds bestow.
But ours are so easily distracted...

I glimpsed a couple in the street today.
Strolling hand-in-hand, they gazed
deep into each others eyes;

then stopped to kiss - and in that moment
nothing else existed for them.
Just you and I in an unlit window.


  1. beautiful and wow, do I relate. xo

  2. Thank you. Why are relationships so complicated??
    Guess most of us have been here at one time or another, haven't we xxx

  3. Woah! Loved this! Potent imagery as always.. and such deep beauty in your words..brilliant! I am so struck by the very last line/image you have left me with..and the "unlit window"..powerful! Always wonderful visiting your marvelous realm of poems..mood..feeling..thought and expression! Beautiful!
    PS: Blessings of Autumn..wishing you magic and joy!

    1. Thank you, thank you.
      This one really was from the heart, and the words didn't come easily. Still not entirely happy with it, but I ran out of time so had to leave it as it was!
      I am so happy that you liked it though:)
      Heartfelt Blessings Y xx

  4. Replies
    1. I dearly hope I am, Gnome!
      My problem seems to be in SEEING it!!
      Many thanks :)

  5. Yes, it's Gritty realism uncontrived that comes across, and very strongly too. Best of all, though, the dynamite of that last line!

    1. Thank you, Dave.
      I really appreciate that.
      I was desperately trying to express my tendency to see only what I perceive to be missing, rather than what is actually there.
      Perhaps someday...:)

  6. Fabulous write Ygraine I totally love this poem :))

    1. Rose, you are so kind.
      Thank you so much :)

  7. Passeggiare mano nella mano...stupendo!! bel testo il tuo!! felice giornata...ciao

  8. Hi Giancarlo, and thank you.
    Happy Day to you too :)

  9. Being in the moment
    Using our past as a guide
    And our future, always an open slate
    At times, I wish I knew then what I know now. But only at times ...

  10. Yes, selective foreknowledge would be really helpful, wouldn't it?
    But, then, I suppose we'd lose life's challenges that help us to learn and grow.
    I only wish life (and love) didn't have to often be SUCH a challenge! :/


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