Sunday 30 September 2012


Could a man so high-born, noble,
Even see a girl like me;
So low-born and unnoble,
Or am I just as air to you
Invisible but there,
Something you can look right through
Without the slightest care?

You passed me on the stairs today,
I had no time to hide.
I saw you turn your face away.
Will my presence you never abide?
It seems a governess pure and simple,
Unconnected, dowry free
And plain of face without a dimple
Is all you see in me.

Too often now you're far away
And oblivious to my heart's woe.
Oh how I dread your return one day
With the lovely Miss Ingram in tow.
For I've heard that you're soon to be engaged,
It's the talk of the servant's hall.
And I'm haunted by visions of you both unclothed
After the wedding ball.

How I wish I could be those things
That I can never be.
I'd make you suffer the million stings
That you daily inflict on me.
I'd be a lady of great power,
Of wealth and beauty too;
And I'd dwell high up in my ivory tower,
Unattainable to you.

Perhaps only then would you understand
How it feels to be me:
That although I'm far from a lady grand,
My feelings are the same you see;
For I have as much heart and Soul as you -
Thoughts and feelings the same.
So I can't help longing to be with you
And to someday share your name...



  1. Bel post, un cuore un'anima e sentimenti come tutti!! buona domenica e un felice inizio settimana

  2. Thank you so much, Giancarlo.
    Hope you have a great week too :)

  3. so well done. absolutely beautiful Ygraine!

    1. Many thanks for your kind words.
      I do so appreciate them:)

      I have been trying to read your blog, but am unable to gain access. I clicked on the new address, but it keeps telling me I'm uninvited.

  4. Excellent! You caught me up in this. Good job YJane. :)

  5. Dear Ygraine, you have written wonderfully about one of my fantasy lovers in my teens, Edward Rochester, yes, I wanted to be Jane in the end, but I also pitied the poor mad wife. I had this romantic and frightful story in a beautiful edition with extraordinary images; it was one of my treasures; I read it over and over again.
    Same story as The Sound of Music; I also wanted to be innocent María.
    My favourite lines:

    And I'm haunted by visions of you both unclothed
    After the wedding ball.

    I'd make you suffer the million stings
    That you daily inflict on me.

    You have described jealousy so so well.

    And this line is essential:

    For I have as much heart and Soul as you

    Well, both Jane and María won the big man's heart!
    (Me too...)

    1. Oh hahahaha! Another hitherto unknown lover appears. :D

    2. (Glup!, my gnome is everywhere...)

    3. What - you too?!
      Edward Rochester was also my huge teenage fantasy figure (Heathcliffe figured in there too!).
      Truth to be told, their images linger in my fantasy world still...the Bronte sisters had such archetypal imaginations, don't you agree? :)

  6. Entertaining with an undertow that I appreciated greatly. Excellent.

    1. Dave, thank you so much. As I was just explaining to Dulcina, here is one of my life-long fantasies laid bare! Hehehe :D

  7. Ah, Ygraine, you have done a great story a great justice and I think every girl has lamented ... how I wish I could be those things that I can never be ... (and longed for a happy ever after) ... Excellent write!

    1. You are so kind, Rose. Thank you.
      Yes, I know I've lamented along with the rest of womanhood!
      Where would we be without our fondest dreams?
      Probably rather bored!! Hehe :D

  8. I love your poem a lot. Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed your blog. Nicely done!

    allied health

    1. Thank you so very much Althea.
      I really appreciate that :)

  9. Wow, your poem is so beautiful and sweet. I love your words. Keep posting please, how I wish I could make some poem as beautiful as yours.

    1. Many many thanks for your lovely comment.
      I am a great fan of the Bronte's, so really enjoy writing about their literary creations.
      I am so happy that you enjoyed reading this one :)


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