Sunday 9 September 2012


It all began as a bit of fun:
his secret weekly treat.
But never a day passes now
without furtively sneaking out,
avoiding detection by suspicious wife
while she's busy cleaning the house.

Closing front door, quiet as a mouse.
Very carefully does it:
mustn't crunch on the gravel drive.
Safely obscured by conifer hedge.
Now for freedom a desperate bolt.

Neighbouring houses, trees, stream by
in a dizzy blur of elation.
Distance rapidly increasing between
himself and feared detention.

Tingling from scalp to the soles of feet
that barely connect with asphalt,
as breathless excitement propels him on.
Supermarket, chemist, newsagents; all
rise up then retreat in a flash, while he flies

over Mediterranean sea in his mind
to sandy palm-shaded beaches,
where gentle blue waves lap the shores
and exotic cocktails await him.

The doors swing open and pure adrenaline
shoots him straight inside
with the full force of a strongbow bolt.
His eagerness he can no longer hide.

Proffering his Soul to a Deity in exchange
for wealth redistribution,
he slams his coins down, loud as thunder
on the bookie's dark green counter.

'Two pounds on Russian Boy, please Burt,
in today's two-thirty race.'

And, without a doubt, he's doubly sure
that this time he's onto a winner...



  1. Do you know Ygraine I think that I may also recognize this guy. He's a good lad though!

    1. Hi Austin,
      Yes, I reckon we all know someone just like him:
      Endearing, ever optimistic hopefuls.
      Here's hoping he someday finds that bucket of gold that awaits at the end of his rainbow...:)

  2. I was once a mug punter until i woke up to the fact that its a mugs game.

    1. I guess for every winner there have to be countless losers. How else would the bookie make his living?
      I can understand how that rush of adrenaline keeps the gambler hooked though. I imagine the alcoholic and smoker feels exactly the same buzz.
      These things are so addictive, aren't they?
      So glad you managed to break the habit. You have my utmost admiration :)

  3. The thrill of the escape will eclipse the deflation of the loss ... again and again!

    1. How eloquently you express it Dale!
      That sums it up perfectly :)

  4. I agree with Dale, addictions are so.

    Nice write Ygraine, it caused me to project my own bit of fun.

    1. Thank you Gnome.
      I love your fun writes. Can't wait to read it!!:)

  5. This time doesn't matter. In the long run he's a loser - unless he's a professional with a wealth of knowledge, which doesn't sound to be the case. You draw a convincing portrait of the deluded gentleman. Sadly, an all too-common case.

    1. Thinking of the professional gambler you mention, I've always wondered just how they do it.
      In fact, how could anyone accurately predict a winner?
      It's beyond me.
      But then I'm no gambler!!:)

  6. Dear Ygraine, you have painted a very realistic portrait of someone in my family I loved (I still love) so much...; he tried to give it up but he said he couldn't. A winner sometimes, but he spent all he had gained - and much more - that same day or the next...
    That suspicious wife
    while she's busy cleaning the house

    was my mother.
    I never blamed him; only God knows.
    A hug.

    1. Dulcina, you have painted such a heart-warming portrait of the gambler here.
      So many people believe them to be weak-willed subjects of amusement. But they are just people who are unable to resist the challenge of chance occurrence!
      They are usually such lovable 'rogues'. :)

  7. Fabulous write - I thought he was cheating on his wife with another woman at first and was relieved that it was not so but on afterthought is it much lesser of an evil as after all he was still deceiving her - thanks for sharing Ygraine you always shake up the few brain cells I have left :D

  8. Thank you so much Rose.
    Do you know, when I was writing those first few lines I thought it sounded like he was off to meet a lover!!
    I think your brain cells greatly outnumber mine, Rose.
    You always write such deeply moving, beautiful poetry.
    I could never write like that!

  9. Hi Ygraine! Nice blog you have here. Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed visitng here. I appreciated it. God bless.

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    1. Thank you Jenny!
      Really great to hear from you. Hope you have a good weekend.
      Hugs Y :)


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