Friday 20 September 2013


Based on my favourite episode of 'Wycliffe', entitled Happy Families...

When you hugged me,
you climbed inside my head:
implanted thoughts, some

impossible to fathom, like
winds blowing in
from another world

where the nightmare never happened.
I didn't murder my twin!
And you alone believed me.

Still I am the suspect you reluctantly keep
chained to the unthinkable,
a more than willing prisoner

of your Scottish/Cornish lilt:
hanging on to every syllable
that tingles through my veins.

Stop - that's divulging too much!
I hold out my hands to be cuffed,
wishing you'd take so much more...

But Superintendent Wycliffe descends -
a dour bird of prey.
Is his the last face I'll see this side of inside?

Doug...please don't leave me,
not like this, not here
with him - when there's so much I need to confess.

Oh, if only Ruth hadn't wound me up so.
Now, even in death she has power over me still,
for your eyes have suddenly turned cold...



  1. I don’t know who DI is. I’ve never seen Wycliffe.. But I do like the word play a lot, and the mystery of it all, at least, for me.

  2. In this episode, Sheena Penrose was arrested for the murder of her twin sister. Detective Inspector Doug Kersey believed she was innocent and developed a soft spot for her (and she for him) during the least, until he realised she was guilty!
    I wrote this from Sheena's perspective.

    Many thanks for reading this...and for your great comment.:)

  3. I love this...and now I love it even mroe after reading your description above. Wonderful and clever as always my friend :)

    1. Oh that is so kind!
      Thank you, Keith. These words mean so much.:)

  4. You were well inspired as the writing is wonderful!
    I really enjoyed this and think I would really like that show, even though I have never heard of it. (different countries you know ...LOL )
    Bravo on the writing, Ygraine.

    1. It helps that I like this episode so much, Margie...although I'm not really sure why it has stuck in my memory since it's first airing in 1995!
      Perhaps it is the very idea that a sixteen-year-old could murder her own twin...the shock of it. It certainly was a powerful storyline.
      I am really happy that you enjoyed reading this, and am so grateful for your wonderful comment.
      Thank you so much xxx

  5. oh gosh this is so awesome, I don't need to see it to feel it, atta girl

    1. It felt a little uncomfortable and strange to see through the eyes of this disturbed young character, but it was one of those things I just HAD to do! LOL:D

      Many, many thanks Lorraine.:)

  6. As opening lines go this "When you hugged me,
    you climbed inside my head:
    implanted thoughts, some

    impossible to fathom, like
    winds blowing in
    from another world" is probably one of the better ones I've read in a long time. It's strikingly beautiful.

    Greetings from London.

    1. For some unknown reason, this one really flowed (which can be quite rare for me! Haha), but that is probably because I like the episode so much.

      When you say the opening lines are strikingly beautiful...well, that is such a compliment.
      Thank you so much. I really appreciate it:)

      Greetings from a dull and dreary Hampshire!!


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