Thursday 5 September 2013


I was bitten over a week ago, yes - I know,
and I'm shaking all over since the fight.
But at least I beat him that night,
good and proper - yes I did.
He certainly came a cropper!
Should've known better
than to challenge the district top dog.

Usually, at a time like this
I'd strut and swagger, impress the bitches.
But today, something's not right:
the ground feels funny - like
it's not really there, like
I'm trying to walk on air.
Yet...I can run faster than ever.
Just watch me go:
round and round in circles.
Can't seem to run straight anymore,
my feet have a will of their own.

But see how powerful I am!
They're all afraid of me -
even the humans.
Oh this is good.
I'm euphoric.
Or is this some kind of madness?
Suddenly I'm not at all sure.
Can't stop barking.
My voice is deafening, high pitched -
even to my own ears.
I'm so angry, feel impelled
to bite everyone, everything in sight.
This pressure in my head
snarls through my teeth,
and I'm so thirsty -
must find a puddle to drink from.

It's choking me!
I can't swallow.
The water swells up all white and frothy,
yet I'm dying of thirst.
I'm burning up,
can no longer even bark.
Humans are closing in around me now.
I keep hearing the word rabies.
For the first time in my life
I'm afraid - and desperate.
I lurch at one of them,
baring my teeth.

There's my master!
Oh such relief.
He'll take me home
and make everything alright.
I try hard to reach him,
but my legs refuse to obey.
They just buckle under me,
so I lie here in the road
and gaze imploringly into his eyes.
He takes a step towards me
as if to pick me up,
but instead raises his gun.
For a split second our eyes meet
and I see a tear glisten in the corner of his.
Then a bullet obliterates my brain.


  1. Wow I am really interpreting this a few different ways...masterful writing.

    1. Gosh...what a compliment!
      Many thanks, Keith.:)

  2. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

    1. Hi, great to meet you!
      Have just visited your new blog and I really love it...
      I am a huge car addict.:)

  3. Oh my!
    That last line really got to me and I teared up.
    Amazing writing, Ygraine.


    1. Thank you so much, Margie.
      Just thinking about it as I wrote it made me cry too...sometimes think I must be a masochist! Haha:D

      Sorry I made you cry though. xxx

    2. It's okay to cry as it's good for the soul.
      I must have an amazing soul as I have some amazing cries .... hehe.
      And you are not a masochist, you are a great writer!

      And your comment on my post today also made me cry as I was feeling how you felt when your son left for college.
      I feel a true closeness to you as we shared the same experience of letting our sons go.
      Oh, I could "cry me a river " right now remembering how sad and lost I felt with him gone and I know you felt the same way.
      Kindred souls , we are.
      And friends :)

    3. Oh know that we both share such a heart-rending experience makes me feel so close to you - it is almost as if I have known you all my life!
      Yes, I am positive that we are indeed kindred Souls...and definitely good friends, now and

  4. Yea, that last line is a killer. It makes me mad I didn't think of it. :)

    1. Oh thank you, Gnome.
      All of your poems make me feel that way!! *chuckles*

  5. Wow, wasn't expecting that! Excellent tale well and truly told. Loved every word of it.

    1. You have made my Saturday night complete, Dave.
      My heart-felt thanks.:)

  6. This is great. An imagination ground in the madness of it all. Wonderfully done.

    1. Thank you, much.
      This post was inspired by the rabid dog scene in the movie, "To Kill a Mocking Bird".
      It is etched into my memory. I found it so disturbing...

  7. Flipping 'ell! Where did that one come from? I totally wasn't expecting it. Great, powerful poem.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Haha:D
      The movie, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' inspired this one! I suppose the rabid dog scene stuck inside my head, so I had to write about it.

      So happy you liked it. Thank you so much.:)

      Greetings from a rather overcast New Forest!

  8. Yes, I do believe that this is exactly the way a rabid dog would act and think, you have absolutely convinced me with this very powerful work of art. You painted the scene very well :)

    1. Thank you so much, Rose.
      Wish I hadn't imagined it quite so vividly must be terrifying for those poor animals.

      I am eagerly awaiting your next post - will visit shortly to see if you have updated. :)


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