Friday 27 September 2013


In woodland at night
out of sight
take a bite

to alter sight
make perception bright
hit the height

of expanded awareness
total unstress
begin to undress

dancing naked
elation led
inhibitions dead

the Faery Queen
no longer unseen
joins you in green

then multitudes
of cool dudes
with attitudes

sixties relic

merging together
with purple heather
in stormy weather

becoming raindrops
pulling out stops
logic drops

through safety net
getting wet
beginning to fret

as spiders crawl
and lions maul
drowning you call

for antidote
or at least a boat
anything to float

away from here
where everything's queer
and turning to fear

beginning to run
reality's undone
was it only one

mushroom you ate
magical bait
that induced this state

perhaps by morning
comprehension dawning
you'll heed this warning

that ingesting shroom
your mind will groom
for utter doom


  1. Hi Ygraine
    I love your drawing and for some reason I just want to say ....
    "I'm lifted higher than I've ever been before" LOL

    I'm a child of the 60's and I totally, totally enjoyed this.
    Even though I never did partake of shrooms

    Awesome write, Ygraine.

    Wishing you a magical weekend.

    1. LOL...your sense of humour is so like mine!!
      I have never tried shrooms either, so this is simply a flight of fantasy. It was such fun to write though!
      I am so glad you liked it

      Wishing you a magical weekend too xxx

    2. Just heading to bed after a long (but wonderful day) and wanted to wish you a great day!
      And with an imaginatin like you have "you don't need no shrooms... LOL

    3. Haha:D
      Thanks Margie!
      You have a great day

  2. I never partook in shrooms either but I have a friend who would appreciate this LOL I am going to email it to them.

    1. I would be interested to hear if your friend finds my imaginary experience anything like a real one! LOL
      Many thanks Keith.:)

  3. Oh my gosh I was so enthralled by the magical kingdom I never saw the poison....give me back the magical kingdom, awesome write lol but I believe in fairies never really digged the mind blowing stuff, but hey I love this, so ...who knows?

    1. It must be amazing to have experiences like these but, hey, I'd be scared of a bad "trip", so will give it a miss and just stick to imagination LOL.
      Many thanks for your great comment :)

  4. forgot to say I love your mini drawings especially the Faery...and you can draw do more magic ;)

    1. I used to love drawing, but have let it slip over the past few years.
      Just thought I'd give it a go again, as I was getting bored with only posting words!
      I am so happy that you liked it :)

    2. I have been trying to leave comments on your blog, but am unable to access the comment form. Just wanted to let you know that I am still visiting and am enjoying your blog as much as ever!
      I will keep trying...:/

  5. Loved this poem. It was full of joy and magic.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Hi CiL,
      Many thanks!

      Greetings from West Sussex :)


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