Friday 29 November 2013


Drenched in silver we are
in this halo of street lamp,
this arena of human conflict:
observed by swirling moths
who mock
the folly of two egos that clash
then tumble in spilt blood.

We've made it our mutual goal to tear
from each others reticence
our own guilty sordidness
that no direct questioning
could uncover,
beneath blame and accusation
misplaced in love turned sour.

Spitting bile, where once
kisses so tender moved Earth and Stars,
scorched body and Soul in a rapture
now consumed by it's own fury
into nothingness.
Is the myth finally exploded?
Can love ever be exclusive?


  1. It will always feel as though it can be exclusive...and that's the draw.

    1. Sometimes it seems almost possible...then a word or a glance brings crushing doubt.
      And yet, as you say, that eternal hope is the draw! :)

  2. It can in the beginning. But then the myth becomes reality and you must work very hard to find and believe-in the fairytale ending of "they lived happily ever after."

    This was very touching...especially to me~~~

    1. You are so right, Jan. Relationships are hard work, but so many of us tend to believe they should roll along without any special effort, particularly on our own part.
      I really hope I am learning as I move through life, but I think it is mostly a case of two steps forward and one step back!
      Many thanks :)

  3. i agree with the previous comment...i think we like the beginning of love more than the long the beginning of love it is all excitement, we are learning new things, learning the person, experimenting to find what they like, what they dont---then the relationship building stage becomes hard--- its easier to escape and find that beginning of love again, but we are never truly happy...

    1. I agree. In my teens through to early twenties, I honestly believed my relationships were failing once they passed the early stage, so I moved on and began a new one. All that brought was more disappointment and heartache, plus a new feeling of being a failure in love.
      Looking back, I suppose it was simply a lack of maturity...glad I don't have to relive those years. It was agony...*smiles*

  4. Enjoyed this very much. The myth, I think is confusing love with the excitement of new adventure. Love takes time and effort and a hole lot of scary trust.

    1. So relieved I'm not the only one who finds trusting scary...after being bitten a few times, I became very wary...and that feeling is with me still.
      Also, I think that heady excitement of a new relationship can be very addictive - especially when we are young.
      It seems there are definite advantages to growing older. Whether or not we are any wiser, though, is open to interpretation!
      Many thanks Anthony:)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Gloria!
      Hope you are having a good weekend xx

  6. It is the one question with the most elusive answer.
    A polarity that will never equate - love and hate/love turned to hate. But, I believe we have to do the experience fully and completely to be truly alive.
    And, the most diffiult of all, to love ourselves ...
    Your heart and soul shines through in your words!
    ... I see the moths - snowflakes dancing in a bottomless pool of light. xx

    1. It really is, isn't it?
      I honestly don't believe there is an answer - not a simple one, anyway.
      Suffering in the name of love is a universal experience...very few of us can avoid it's crushing blows...and I think you have hit the nail on it's head - if we cannot love ourselves, then how can we possibly know how to love another?
      Aah...such a minefield!
      At the bottom line, I suppose all we can do is trust...and hope...
      Thank you so much, Dale xxx

  7. Dear Ygraine, it's a valid point people who love each other and are friends, that is they respect each other they have a better chance of survival. My own marriage lasted 5 years, 3 months after we were married the affairs started, I never knew could never imagine until I realized he wanted to get rid of me. So we fell in passion, we knew nothing about each other, and I don't regret it, because we had our son, and I wouldn't change that for the world and now his father is in a good place, learning to love and being healthy, so for my son's sake I'm happy! don't be tormented where love once was true it will be again.....My marriage was a joke. And the joke was on me.

  8. Oh Lorraine, your story truly breaks my heart.
    It also mirrors my own past and the reason I still find it hard to trust.
    My wish is for you to be happy again...not just for your son's sake, but because you, too, deserve to be. You are so have survived, and you are a brilliant and talented photographer and artist.
    OK, maybe that particular person wasn't right for you, but there are plenty more out there who would treat you as you deserve to be treated.
    Hang on in there girl...your day will come. And I can't wait to see it!
    Hugs xxx

    1. I truly hope you found yours...heart and soul xxx

  9. Your poem goes to the bottom of what love ALSO is. I see it as a very honest and real reflection on a topic that can sometimes be expressed in a very unrealistic way. If there's a phrase I would use for your poem it would be "warts and all". :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. If only we could learn to accept the "warts and all" aspect of love without the rather destructive emotions that tend to accompany it...but then I suppose we would find that too boring!
      I guess we humans are just too complicated for our own good!!
      Many thanks for understanding:)


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