Saturday 9 November 2013


They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
we will remember them.
-Robert Laurence Binyon.

If tears are bleeding of the Soul,
then you must have bled to death
in silence,
a tragic life story
overlooked, then lost
in the relentless torrent
of passing years.
But in the void,
somewhere in your far-flung future,
a spectral hand grew flesh
and reached out of trauma
to transcend the perimeters
of accepted feasibility...

What can I possibly tell you
of the life after death:
of your eyes set in my face,
your words slipping from my tongue,
your compassion tingling through my finger tips;
or of your Spirit's trans gender contortion
into temporarily borrowed life?
For I am simply your medium:
umbilicus to the World
you cannot leave behind.
my consciousness withdraws
as I feel you coming through...

Physical recognition:
A momentary rush of pure ecstasy,
followed by a powerful sense of foreboding.
My Soul grows heavy
with untold horrors
and I'm falling through darkness
into the murky depths
of Armageddon.
There is pain, agony,
unimaginable apprehension.
My nostrils are filled with the sickening stench
of  decaying flesh.
I want to close my eyes
to the sight of severed limbs,
blood and entrails:
block my ears to the sounds
of these screams of agony.
But spiritual eyes cannot close,
nor ears be covered.
Insanity is a serious threat.

Identity has shifted:
no longer female, I am you.
Time, also, is dislocated.
This is the Somme.
It is 1916.
Words struggle to form
in my larynx...
now burst forth
in familiar masculine voice:

Weakened to the point of collapse,
I can take no more of this ghastly reality -
at least, not in a single channelling.
You understand,
begin to pull back...and yet
I want to throw my arms around you:
to hold on to you for all eternity
and absorb your suffering
into my own being.
But I cannot,
am not yet strong enough.
The enormity of such heart-rending torment
would surely destroy me.
Still, you and I are Soul Mates.
Bonded since the beginning of time,
it is our shared destiny
to overcome these monstrous challenges,
then eventually move on into the Light.
It is inevitable.
We both know that.

You are fading away now
into the ether.
Part of me longs to go with you,
but mortality holds me back.
I am grounding.

and emotionally drained,
I desperately need to sleep now...

For William Barnsley much more than a memory.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Giancarlo.
      Hope you are having a good Monday:)

  2. I felt all emotions reading this.......a powerful write.

    1. Really good to hear from you.
      Many thanks:)

  3. I read this and the agony and now I finally recognize you...for the beautiful soul that you are, I have absorbed taken on too much for this body, and my soul wants to flee...but it's snowing and Christmas is on his way and I know the pain will be erased again for peace and love for a short time, then resume and I wonder when enough will be enough...

    1. Oh if only those in power would finally learn the lessons of the past, the maybe - just maybe - this obsessive 'need' for wars would be over.
      What you say about Christmas reminds me of how, during WW1, they ceased all hostilities for Christmas day to play football and eat together with 'the enemy'. Then the following day they recommenced killing each other. How could anyone do that? If only they had all refused to fight anymore...
      I expect you have heard, too, of the tales of Angels being sited over the trenches at that time? To me, that was a clear message to stop and rethink. Yet so many wars have followed...

      Thank you so much Lorraine, for your kind words.
      Perhaps if enough ordinary people like you and I project our thoughts of, and wishes for, peace then one day it may just happen...well, we can live in hope anyway! xxx

    2. I agree Ygraine, one soul at a time, and peace will be foremore xxx

  4. Your poetry has the most emotive effect that I've ever seen in any poetry that I've ever read. This is simply amazing as always.

    1. Your words have moved me to the edge of tears Keith. That is such a generous comment. Thank you so, so much.
      This one was close to my heart...

  5. I just can't understand why there aren't hundreds of comments here, there should be....

    1. I don't mind that at all Lorraine. This subject is a difficult one for most people to read...probably even harder to comment on.
      It is personal to me, so the writing of it was therapeutic.
      I am so grateful to you for staying with it to the bitter end.
      Thank you Lorraine, from my heart xxx

  6. wow. hard to imaging channeling one from the war...of having to live through it, in person or as through someone does warm my heart that they stopped and shared christmas in some helps us feel a bit more human...but then again, i wish too our leaders thought more of what they commit too...and we could learn another way

    1. Thank you so much for reading this, Brian. I realise this is a difficult subject for most people, so I really appreciate your understanding.

      Having never had any personal experience of war (thank goodness), I find it devastating enough through someone else's memories. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to actually be there in the physical sense. As you say, if only our leaders could find another way...
      W.B.A. has always been a part of my life. As a young child I would often be aware of a soldier in uniform, who appeared when I was in any kind of danger. I honestly believe he has saved my life on at least two occasions.
      Of course, my parents believed I had an imaginary friend, and were worried for my sanity!
      So I kept these things to myself for many years.
      It wasn't until around 13 years ago that I decided to research into the information I had received psychically.
      It all checked out: the name, dates etc.
      I found his grave in Earnley churchyard, and his medals in the RAMC museum. So it seems I'm not "mad" after all...just extra sensitive! *smiles*

  7. God, this is so beautiful and so heart-rending. You have put, not just your creative skills as a writer into this poem, but also your soul. This is a soul poem and I love it even more for that. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I can't even begin to express how much your kind words mean to me.
    They have truly touched my Soul.
    Thank, so much.:)

  9. A brilliant and powerful memory. Experienced.
    This gift of yours is a great burden, no doubt. How fortunate for you that you can express your experiences with such passion, and accuracy. xx

    1. Oh thank you, much.
      It is exhausting, and sometimes feels more like a curse.
      But it is who I am...and when I can pass on messages from Spirit that help heal the living, then I feel truly privileged. xxx


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