Friday 6 June 2014


An intimate table for two
in a quiet restaurant.
She sits texting on her iPhone.
All the while, he's watching her.
Neither notice the seven red roses in a vase,
nor the candle flame leaping in the draught
every time someone opens the door.
His iPhone rings.
He answers,
begins a conversation about his work.

It's your anniversary for God's sake!
Whatever happened to romance?

The waiter arrives with their dinner.
"Enjoy your meal," he smiles
and is gone.
They barely acknowledge him,
just begin eating one handed,
text and call uninterrupted.

He is first to finish.
Lays his phone on the table,
but his eyes never leave it -
apart from a split-second glance at his companion
who is still texting,
oblivious to his presence.
So he picks up his knife...
then puts it down again
to finger his phone.
The temptation is too much.
He begins flicking through "contacts",
calls a mate and begins an animated discussion
about last night's football match.

Her texting over, she lays her phone
beside a half-empty plate.
She glances across the table at him,
feels resentful to be left out
of his conversation,
so flicks through her own "contacts"
and calls a friend...

It's your anniversary, for God's sake!
Couldn't you leave those flaming iPhones at home
just for one evening?


  1. Ah so this is the poem that you wrote that you were referring to on my blog the other day! I love it! This is such a sad sight to see isn't it?? I see it all too commonly...

    1. I had just finished writing this when I read your fabulous post, and I thought, "Here is a person after my own heart!" lol
      Oh how it irritates me to see people texting everywhere...I mean, if you are alone, well that's OK...but when you're with someone?
      It seems we are losing the art of conversation...

      Many thanks, Keith. :)

  2. ugh. we are so distracted...what is more important? it is a choice we our priorities and it reflects in the quality of our lives as sad...neglect...on neglect...and no one will notice until too late...

    1. I have this conspiracy theory...perhaps computers are out to take over the World by isolating us from each other! *chuckles*
      Well, it does seem their intelligence is already far in advance of ours, as they seem so easily able to monopolize our attention - to the detriment of our relationships with our own kind!
      Ha...but they haven't yet caught way...I leave mine at home when I am going out with anyone.
      I still find myself inadvertently fishing around in my bag for it when anything interesting happens it isn't easy!!! lol

  3. really, maybe it's a new "call anyone but don't eat" diet, that or just plain rude for everyone having to listen when all they want to do is eat a nice meal in good company, quietly, well put Ygraine

    1. Now there's an interesting thought...what a great way to lose weight! lol
      Will definitely have to try that one next time I have overindulged...;)

      On I'd much rather have an interesting conversation...

      Many thanks, Lorraine xxx

  4. Ygraine...thank you so much for pointing out that we have become a society that has more contact with a "smart (stupid is more like it) phone" than human contact. Give me the touch of my hubby's hand in mine any day, any time!!!

    Big Hugs

    1. Oh me too, Jan!
      So happy someone else thinks the way I do...there will never be a substitute for the human touch...:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  5. Captured the times wonderfully. I like the poem. This state of communications and constant contact without within private bubbles seems have happened overnight, though as I contemplate your words, has been the norm for quite a long time now. I’m as guilty as the rest..

    1. It really does seem like ages, doesn't it?
      I can barely remember those BC (before computerization) days, when we would be eagerly awaiting the postman carrying a precious letter from a loved-one...
      Everything has become so instant now...and it is so addictive.
      Yes...I, too, am often guilty...:/

  6. Dear Ygraine,
    First of all, I am so sorry that it has taken me a long time to visit your page. I am very busy these days. Even my blog is under severe drought of dormancy.
    Today, as I see your blog, I have seen the true description of our life at this present time. I agree with you and sometimes wonder that if these so-called 'smart' things make our life really smart. Keep writing.

    1. Hi wonderful to hear from you again!
      Please don't worry, I understand how incredibly busy you have been.

      You are is like a double-edged sword...we can no longer live without it, yet living with it is often destructive to our most treasured relationships.
      If only we could replace it with that would be REAL progress, do you not agree?? lol

  7. We are not controlling man-made techology - it is controlling us. There needs to be an awareness of how to use these instant communication devices responsibly. Click the on the X! Put the device down! Turn off the sound! Keep it out of reach! Better yet, leave the device at home!
    Be ever in the present!
    My thoughts are with yours, Ygraine. xx

    1. You are SO right, is controlling us!
      Quite scary really, when you come to think of it...where will it all end?
      Ha...yes, should come with an automatic "off" switch that is activated as soon as we step through our front door! *smiles*

      Big Hugs xxx

  8. Im agree. Lol
    Is why I fight i this house:)
    Send you hugs and love dear ♡♥♡♥

    1. So good to find another like-minded friend!
      Thank you so much, Gloria :)

      Big Hugs for you too! xxx

  9. People looking down, hunching down over their gadgets. That's what we've become. great poem.

    Greetings from London.

    1. We certainly have...I wonder if there is any going back...or have we become too reliant?
      A sobering thought.

      Many thanks, CiL.

      Happy Monday :)

  10. A great poem, but it's so sad too!
    I don't even own a cell phone! People look at me weird.
    But, honestly, what is everyone talking about? They don't talk that much in person?
    Hugs ;o)

    1. Wow...I am in awe of you...truly!
      I sometimes wish I had never owned one...I did hold off much longer than most people I know, but then I was convinced to buy one...and the rest is history! lol
      I do leave it at home when I go out though!

      Big Hugs xxx

  11. Great poem, Ygraine.
    Another great thing was on my weekend away in the mountains I did not see anyone in the restaurants we ate out at 'talking on their cell phones'
    They were all paying attention to each other :)

    We have this friend that comes to visit us every few months from Arizona and he kind of drives me batty as he is checking his cell phone more than engaging in conversation with us, I do not get it .


    1. Ha...and to think I assumed it was only on this side of the Atlantic that this happened! Seems like it is universal!! Lol
      So good to hear you found a place where it didn't happen...must have been a really pleasant change.

      Hugs xxx

  12. I just don't get the whole text thing. If you've got something to say, speak!

    1. My point precisely, TUG...can't help wondering if we humans will eventually lose the ability to

  13. Hahaha, what a brilliant write! I think that is the first sign of boredom in a relationship - they need a refresh button to keep their relationship fresh!

    1. Haha...think you've hit the nail right on the head there!
      Many thanks :)


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