Thursday 12 June 2014


You would always buy me a scotch,
then squirm with embarrassment as I downed it in one.
You knew that my being an Aries female
meant I was never going to be your coveted "Barbie Doll" type.
But you took my heart anyway and owner-branded it
with your tyre tread, and mounted it on the wall
alongside your myriad of Grand Prix trophies.
But this one you crucified alive,
then averted your eyes while it bled to death.

In your highly innovative circles they never expected me to speak,
assuming the region between my ears a vacuum.
Then when their error slapped them in the face, you left me.
To this day, I still grapple with that paradox.
Did you ever really love me as you claimed?
Or was I no more than a photogenic media-magnet,
a mere sacrifice to the Gods of  fame:
a dumb, diamond encrusted stepping-stone
to all you believe you are now?


  1. well it sounds like he did not kill it completely if you were willing to speak you mind...ugh...def would never fit as a trophy....the whole look nice but dont speak thing would urk me....sounds like its not a bad thing you escaped that....

  2. This experience was a friend's. I so felt for was one of those painful occasions when you clearly see what is coming, but dare not speak out until it is too late...for fear of shattering her dream.
    I could never endure a relationship like must destroy every ounce of self-respect.
    I think I'd rather be alone...

    Many thanks, Brian.

  3. Sad when people treat others this way. To be honest though, it's good that it didn't work out with him, as you wouldn't want to end up with that kind of man forever. You're much too good for that!!

    1. It was very sad to watch, Keith.
      She gave the relationship her all, and seemed top be the only one who seemed not to see what was happening.
      I wouldn't say he was a bad person, just too focussed on his own goals to see she needed a life too.
      Hopefully her next relationship will be the "real thing!"

      Many thanks :)

  4. This is fantastic, a direct hit. I know the guys. I know women who refused, and some of those who continue to be with them..
    “Photogenic media-magnet” is great☺

    1. Thank you, Anthony. I really appreciate that!
      I know exactly what you friend would have still been with him if he hadn't ended the he really did her a favour.
      Not sure she appreciates it yet though:/
      But I'm sure she will in time...:)

  5. I knew it had to be someone else and not you.
    A long time ago I liked someone who I knew was going to treat me 'like a trophy' I quickly ended the relationship.
    Great write, Ygraine.
    So glad you shared it


    1. Good for you, Margie...probably saved yourself a lot of heartache.
      To observe someone going through that type of one-sided relationship is is going to take her a long time to heal.
      Thank you so much for reading.

      Hugs xxx

  6. I do not know what is with Google lately but every time I try to comment somewhere I get OOPS SORRY LINK BROKE!!!

    I will try this again...I think that guy was my first husband but thankfully not my last! My second hubby of 43 years and counting treats me as his equal and I love him for it.

    Great writing, Ygraine.


    1. Dear have no idea how precious your comment is.
      I will ask my friend to read it, because I know it will be of immense help to her to see there is life after someone like him.
      Thank you so much for sharing your own experience.
      It is wonderful to know you are so happy the second time around!

      Big Hugs xxx

  7. that's such a sad story your friend must have been devastated. i too I'm alone, I am no one's trophy, I am no one's girl, or cutie, I have met the worst men possible so I have to wonder, how awful were i in my previous life. That every men in my life slapped me down, because \i wouldn't be what they wanted me to be. I'd much rather me alone with my much loved cats and my little Sammi Spirit

    1. There is another way to look at this, Sweetie...the way I see it, you are the winner...the stronger one.
      You refused to be what they wanted you to they had no power over you. Men like that run away when they can't have power over someone!
      Perhaps you are alone for a one you have met so far has been good enough for you.
      Your Soul Mate is still out there...waiting for you...
      In the meantime...your beloved cats are your friends (and me, I hope?!) *smiles*

      Big Hugs xxx

  8. May I recommend this as a caption for a T-shirt? "The region between my ears is NOT a vacuum." :-) Copyright it before it goes.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Ha...a BRILLIANT idea, CiL!!
      If only I had thought of that at the time...*smiles*

      Greetings from Rutland.

  9. Very painful and sad!
    Big Hugs my friend ;o)

    1. Thank you so much, Stacy!
      Hope you are having a great weekend.

      Big Hugs back! xxx

  10. "Did you ever really love me as you claimed?", the answer is NO, of course, but here's another question, "Did she ever love him?". A woman working at home, taking care of her husband and children, cooking for them, is not a slave but a good wife and mother, the Queen of her family. What do women want from men now? If women don't líke men, why do they want to be líke them? Must a person bear everything for love? Love is giving, love is patient, love is not selfish, that's why Christ was crucified. Where's that invisible line between stupidity and goodness? Ah! We all think we are right and others are wrong... Only God is right and I only know that I know nothing in spite of having a little brain - not vacuum - between my ears :) Very well written and provoking, dear Ygraine. A hug.

    1. Thank you so much, Dulcina, for these very wise words.
      I do often look around me and wonder if the World has gone mad.
      People seem so demanding of each seem to be expected to be what everyone else wants, or else you are deemed to be worthless in their eyes.
      I could never conform to that sort of life...would rather be myself and unwanted, than live a lie.
      Love, for me, has to be unconditional (on both sides)...or not at all!
      Oh you are SO, SO right...

      Big Hugs xxx

  11. Love the strong words you used in this piece describing this very dysfunctional relationship, A very sad story indeed to be so abused.

  12. It was absolutely heart-breaking, Rose.
    What made it worse is the fact that I could do absolutely nothing to prevent that devastating conclusion...just watch and offer support wherever I could.

    Many thanks xxx


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