Thursday 26 June 2014


Mighty Oaks dwarf a secluded Greenwood glade,
their shadows dancing in the gentle midsummer breeze
like things alive, swaying back and forth
as if to pan-pipes long since ceased to play.

Five days searching Sherwood's hidden places:
the clinging ivy, the rustling ferns, the toadstools,
the ancient tree trunks hollowed by centuries expired.
Not a stone is left unturned.

By Thursday fanaticism reaches it's zenith.
With but one day left, desperation creeps in -
if mushroom magic is the only way, then so be it...

It seems the leaves and bushes begin to morph
into something tantalising, but as yet indistinct.

Sun strobes dazzle. A peculiar hush fills the air,
as expectant eyes squint into the light.
My stomach tightens: I've just seen him
rise up from a clump of briers!

Edging forward with hammering heart,
I watch him draw his bow...
then slowly turn to bronze.

A group of gabbling tourists invade his space.
Their cameras flash, catapulting primal folk hero

into latter-day souvenir...and I, too, pass through bronze,
riding in on the lightening while time is rent

to an age where he's still flesh and blood...
and I am never, never ever coming home.


  1. This was my favourite line: I watch him draw his bow...
    then slowly turn to bronze. You combined the fictitious with the real in a very subtle and smooth way. Loved it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you so much, CiL...this particular legend has been a fascination of mine since early childhood!

      Greetings from a wet and stormy Hampshire :/

  2. ha. very cool...and nice look like you might be able to fit in with the merry men....robin hood def has a heart that i appreciate...robbing the rich and giving to the poor...

    1. Ha...a good excuse to dress up...another life-long passion of mine!
      Yes, me too...he would have been a great hero...:)

  3. Dear, Ygraine...I love this and look gorgeous! The photo of Robin in the woods makes me want to be there...beautiful! blog disappeared today...its all gone. I had started a book blog again this morning because of so many requests for me to, and then this afternoon I got back online and you know the rest. So now my book blog will become my everything is the URL


    1. Oh thank you, are so kind.
      I almost missed the statue of Robin. I noticed a group of people taking photos of what I thought was a tree and went to see what the all interest was about. So glad I did!

      Why is everyone having so much trouble with blogger?
      I keep losing comments I try to leave on other people's blogs, and sometimes the blogs themselves fail to appear.
      Such frustration...:/

      Hugs xxx

  4. You look amazing! Gorgeous! I want an outfit like yours ;o)
    Your writings and photos are truly magical ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you so much, Stacy.
      You would look absolutely stunning in a Robin Hood era outfit...and I've just had a about a "Robin Hood" version of Little Crow?;)

      Big Hugs back xxx

    2. You know what, I have done a baby crow painting, of Robin Hood ;o) Maybe I should do another ;o) xoxox

    3. Oh how could I have forgotten that? Shame on me!!
      It would be fabulous if you did paint another, though...I'd LOVE that...:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  5. And the adventure all comes together again, in spite of the tourists. I enjoyed very much. You are looking perfect in this setting..

    1. Oh it was such fun to visit Sherwood Forest again...I was so reluctant to imagined how it would feel forever, hence the poem! *chuckles*

      Many thanks.

      Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. Oh how amazing, a real life adventure, I loved Robin Hood, and you look perfect for the time, and so damn good, atta girl, I loved your writing, you writing like you were born in that time and you look like a blond Miriam wow

    1. When I was a child I often used to imagine how it would be to live in those times...I found the idea all so romantic.
      Bet the reality would be somewhat different though! ;)

      I do so love dressing up...a passion instigated by my late Grandmother. Believe it or not, I was one of only three people in costume that day...imagine how magical it would have been had everyone entered the spirit of the place...

      Many thanks, Lorraine xxx

  7. I love this and you look beautiful!

    1. Oh thank you, Gloria!
      I so appreciate that.

      Big Hugs xxx

  8. Hi, Ygraine...FYI...Well, my old blog is back with all of my postings but no pictures of anything...even my header and background are gone!

    I am going to keep it, now that it is back but I will be deleting all of the postings and starting my old blog over again. I have no idea what is going on! So now, this will again be my book blog, "Among Dusty Pages", and "Whispering Woods and Cottage Broomsticks" will be my everything else blog...Halloween is starting early this least for me :))

    1. Hi again, Jan!
      Ha...yes, does seem Halloween has come wouldn't believe the knocks and bangs occurring around this house on a daily basis *chuckles*

      Really hope things in blogland are settled for you now...but I won't hold my breath.
      What IS going on here???

  9. Simply fabulous! dear lady you are gorgeous! What a lovely maiden make!

    1. Oh thank you, Rose!
      I so enjoyed my visit to Sherwood...and the costume.
      Think I'll dress like this more often...will probably get some funny looks in Sainsbury's though! lol

  10. Beautiful poem written by a beautiful soul!

    1. Thank you so much.
      These kind words mean more to me than I can ever express...:)

  11. Love it. I agree with Cil on the bow and bronze, great line. And as for you fair maiden, you are the stuff legends are made of. Besos.

    1. Thank you TUG, so much!
      I absolutely adored stepping into this particular legend...sadly though, I did eventually have to come home and readjust back into ordinary life!!
      Such an anticlimax...*smiles*

  12. What a wonderful poetic adventure! You look georgeous with the bow, wow, wow!!
    It looks real to me, dear friend.
    I love it and these are my fav lines:
    "I watch him draw his bow...
    then slowly turn to bronze"
    "I'm never, never, never
    coming home"
    I wouldn't either!
    A hug.

    1. Oh thank you so much, dear are so kind!
      Yes, it was hard to step out of the magic and return home.
      I can't wait to revisit now...:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  13. is your son ok after going to the doctor today?

    1. He is being monitored for 24 hours, so we will know more when he returns to hospital tomorrow morning to have all the tubes etc. removed.
      He has been suffering palpitations and tightness in his chest, plus slight breathlessness. Hopefully, it won't be too my fingers are crossed!
      Thank you so much for asking, Brian. I really appreciate your concern. :)

  14. Dear Ygraine, I just read about your son, on Brian's blog, I am so sorry I hope all goes well and it's something insignificant that can be cured easily. I will pray for him and for you, I'm sorry if you mentioned it and I didn't see it, my apologies and I will pray for yours on, with all my heart xxxxooooo

  15. Oh thank you are so kind.
    All the data has been collected now, so we are waiting for the results.
    Ayrton is staying very upbeat about it, and hopefully the outcome will put his mind to rest...well, fingers crossed anyway.

    Big Hugs and my sincere thanks xxx


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