Saturday 28 April 2018


My tormentor,  greedy pig,
for my feelings don't give a fig.
You stole my Easter egg and candy too.
You think the world revolves around you.
By telling tales to get me grounded,
you make me feel so dreadfully hounded.
Still Mother's favourite you'll always be,
whatever you do she'll blame me -
like when you scoffed her just-baked bread
and I was punished in your stead;
and that time you crashed your bike
into Papa's rose bed - oh what a sight!
I laughed and laughed until I cried -
but I was the one who Papa fried
because you swore that it was me
who pushed you in there - and no one could see
through devious wiles the way I could,
and I knew right then they never would.
And remember Auntie Mollie's hat,
and the big fat bottom that upon it sat?
Well how come everyone shouted at me
until I considered it best to flee?
Six months' pocket money I recall it cost -
oh all those matinees and ice creams lost!
But did you show the slightest remorse?
Oh no not Mother's blue-eyed boy, of course!
And who broke Papa's telescope lens?
How could you blame that on my friends?
They were swimming with me in the pool.
Oh sometimes you're unbelievably cruel.
Well now I have to play alone
and for all your misdemeanors atone.
It's so unfair when the way you are
still everyone treats you like a star.
So do I despise you? I wish I could,
but somewhere within you I know there's good.
And anyway, your sister I am
and so I love you. Damn, damn, damn!! ;)


  1. This is so very familiar. My youngest brother (who is still older than me) to the life. He got away with a lot. He still does.

    1. Ha, so grateful I'm not alone!😉
      And many thanks ☺☺

  2. You do have a wonderful way with words and the story they tell ...
    I enjoyed your poem.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much, Jan!
      Mine was a quiet weekend, thanks...and hope yours was good too.☺☺

      Hugs xoxoxo

  3. What an amazing way with words. I also have a younger brother!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, it surely is!
      So good to hear from you again, Deeps...and thank you so much...☺☺

  5. Oh dear, I was the youngest of 4 children and my eldest siblings were quite kind to me. However, my next-in-line sister, 3 years my senior, took great pleasure in getting me into trouble. It's been over a half-century since we grew up and I feel better already. Excellent poem!

    1. There were just the two of us, with ten years between, so I was always regarded as the baby...and so was a convenient scale goat! Lol
      We laugh about those face-off days a lot now that we are 72 and 62 respectively.
      Isn't it strange how time mellows attitudes?
      At the time, though, we must have given out parents a huge headache!!
      Many thanks.☺☺

  6. oh dear Ygraine you are such remarkable poet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what an interesting poem about the brother sister relationship

    i have sister six years younger than me and i am sure if she will read she will recall the times when she realized and said that i was the favorite of mom lol

    you portrayed the whole expressions so genuinely ,truly LOVED it!

    1. Oh thank you, dearest much!☺☺

      With much love and hugs xoxoxo

  7. This is like me and my older brother!! I understand totally! You wrote this so well my friend! Big Hugs!

    1. Sisters in suffering, eh?
      So relieved I wasn't alone! Lol
      And my heartfelt thanks...☺☺

      Lots of love and hugs xoxoxo

  8. Many thanks for your interest and your encouraging words!☺☺

  9. :) sweet!

    And if these are the biggest injustices you ever face, you are ahead of the game! Ha ha

    1. So true, Sandy! Lol

      Thank you so much.☺☺

  10. Was Captain William Barnsley Allen a relative of yours?

    Just realized I wrote Captain, but not sure I read that right...I will click on the photo again.

    1. Yes, he entered the war as a captain then later became acting major.
      My connection with him is a long story. If you are interested, I wrote about it in detail in my first two posts, in 2011.

      Many thanks for your kind comments, Sandi...I so appreciate!☺☺

  11. So precious my sweet friend!!!
    I smiled through every line!
    I was the oldest but I never picked on my two younger sisters.
    I adored and loved them to much and I still do!!!

    Big Hugs

    1. Dearest Jan...oh how I have missed you!😥
      I love your beautiful new blog has really brightened up my day!!!😊😊
      And thank you so much, my sweet Friend...gosh, I would have loved to have a sister like you...

      Have a magical weekend!!

      All my love and hugs xoxoxo


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