Thursday 5 April 2018


Our stop-off in Betws-y-Coed was the result of a wrong turn.
Mike had given us directions the previous Friday. We'd been
looking for Capel Garmon, but had ended up going round in circles -
well, I am a notoriously hopeless map reader!
I was just anxious for the journey to be over, and to be settled
comfortably in our beautiful, newly acquired stone cottage.

However, it was the open fire in the pub that lured us inside.
The wine, though, when we were finally served was warm and acidic,
and it was slammed down on the table so hard
that at least half of it spilled over
and it was a miracle that the glasses remained intact.
Excuse ME!
Whose parliament oversees this entire land mass?
And whose hefty contributions fund your NHS prescriptions?
The two painted dragons behind the bar continued to scowl at us
while gabbling something obviously derogatory
in what I took to be Welsh (but could just as easily have been Double Dutch).
We could feel the poison daggers in our backs - and tossed a few back -
until it became too uncomfortable to stay any longer.
The Roman Inquisition must have been a picnic compared to this!

So we drove around in more circles, until finally stumbling upon the tiny road sign.
On it was daubed, "English OUT!" in red paint.
With mounting unease, we drove slowly on in the gathering dusk
the outline of our beautiful holiday home came into view.
Only as we drew closer did we see to our utter dismay
that it had been reduced to a burnt-out shell.
The acrid fumes from smoldering thatch
seriously irritated sinuses and throats,
making us cough and our eyes run.
On every remaining patch of whitewashed wall
were scrawled the words, "Welsh homes are for the Welsh -
NOT English holidaymakers!"

We were gutted.

But I guess they did have a point.


  1. Wonderfully told.. Sad when time and reason are lost to those who remain stuck history.

    1. Oh thank you, Anthony!:)
      Yes, things used to be so uneasy between the Welsh and the English. Now, thankfully, things seem much improved. :))

  2. Wow you are such a story teller - and i could in my own way visualize and sense it all. And if this happened in reality or in imagination (not sure what the difference is, lol)... again, what a story. Beautifully told and captivating to read. And what a jerk to slam down that wine glass, lol

    1. So happy you enjoyed, Sandy...and thank you so much!:)
      This burning of holiday homes used to happen quite frequently in the 70's.
      I can see both sides of the dispute though...except for the hostility. Some people were SO rude to us as holidaymakers.:/

  3. Sigh. Prejudices die hard, and are more combustible than thatch.
    Loved this, despite wincing often.

    1. Yes, they certainly seem to, don't they?!
      Still, I honestly see their point too.
      Many thanks. :))

  4. Always interesting all you write dear Ygraine ! xo

    1. Oh thank you, much!:))

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  5. Scary what prejudice feelings can cause to happen, dearest Ygraine.
    You brought me into this story as if I was there. Hate is a strong emotion and I could feel it strongly!
    Fantastic writing as always!

    Hugs and Love

    1. Dearest Jan...oh thank you so much!
      Yes, and hate really scares is so powerful an emotion that can be really unpredictable and dangerous.
      I do hope I never truly feel it...

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  6. I strongly feel that there is one thing which is impossible for me to do and this is HATTER
    Except one thing the PREJUDICES AND RACISM.
    Remarkably done dear Ygraine!!!

    1. Dearest Baili...I couldn't hate either. It is such a horrible and frightening emotion that is the cause of all the bad things in our world today.
      Oh how I wish everyone could learn to accept and understand each other...
      Thank you so much my dear Friend.:))

  7. When people show racism against other people thinking they're superior than anyone else's race, for me that's very sad and ignorant.

    1. I totally agree, Lon.
      I can understand that they believed the English were taking their homes...but on the other hand, they had just as much opportunity to buy the houses themselves. Most cottages the English bought had been standing unoccupied for many years.
      At least we prevented them from falling into decay!
      Thank you, my Friend.:))

  8. The way you write, I can see, hear, and smell, everything!
    Wow Ygraine! You are such an amazing writer! Big Hugs!

    1. Oh WOW, Sweetie...thank you SO much!!
      I really appreciate your kind words...:))

      Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  9. Fantastic writing ... in fact I read it through again!
    You do bring the words alive, thank you.

    Have a good month of April ...

    All the best Jan

  10. Oh wow...that is so kind...thank you so much!:))

    Wishing you a great April too...and a brilliant weekend.

    A Hug. xoxoxo

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