Friday 12 July 2019


The bridge beside Jubilee Park
stands barred like a fortress.
It's reflection, broken up by the current below,
jiggles and dances on the surface of the water.
A woman with a dog
pauses here daily, to shake her head
while leaning over the railings
and peering into the water.
Her gaze shifts searchingly
until it alights upon the shopping trolley.
Occasionally,  she scrambles
down the river bank to reach it,
sliding fingers between the bars
now beginning to rust from contact with the water.
She attempts to pull it up
as she imagines again the group of teens
with their loud voices and manic behaviour
taking the trolley with them,
then shrieking with laughter as it falls from the bridge
with an almighty splash.

But, alas, her best efforts are ineffectual. The thick mud
of the river bed refuses to surrender it's prize.
The shiny, silver, alien treasure is just too great a status symbol...


  1. Not familiar enough with what must have happened here. Intrigued..

    1. Quite a frequent sight in the urban places of England, unfortunately.
      Kids with idle hands etc.!
      Our local River is forever being cleared of not only shopping trolleys, but of just about everything else you can imagine too...from bicycles, to general trash, to whole burnt-out stolen cars.
      It is so sad that society has come to this...😞

      Many thanks.😊😊

    2. Oh: Didn’t realize what a shopping trolley was. Was thinking of a vehicle of some kind. We call them carts here☺

    3. Sorry, I hadn't thought about the difference in terminology between nations! ;))

    4. That is so sad Ygraine! I know many of our ponds (in public places) are kept low, to keep the geese out, or they have just enough water, just for them to drink. I hate that!
      I am so sad, that so many things are dumped into your local river!
      Big Hugs and thank you for the great write! Hope you are well!

    5. Yes, makes me sad. They are poisoning the fish and turning our river into a rubbish tip.🙁
      Oh thank you, are so kind.😊😊
      I am have more tests - and pills (that I could do without!), but am still hanging on in there!
      I do hope you are well, and are having a fabulous day!

      Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. I do not really know of this as I haven't heard of it before. But you have captured my interest, my dear friend and I feel as Anthony commented. I could feel the woman's emotions because of your excellent writing skills.

    Big Hugs and Much Love

    1. Thank you, dearest Jan.😊😊
      As I said to Anthony, it is really sad that many of the younger generation have lost all respect for their own (and everyone else's) environment. I can only hope that they will someday learn...

      All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Sigh.
    Too many shopping trolleys (and other detrius) wind up in our water ways too.
    As always your words took me there.

    1. Yes, it does seem to be a universal problem, doesn't it?
      Such a sad one too...the few, ruining the planet for everyone.

      Thank you, much.

      Love and hugs xxx

  4. Hi, Ygraine!
    I could see the scene in my head. Very imagetic!

    1. Thank you so much, Ana 😊😊

      Have a super day! xxx

  5. Really lovely Ygraine like always, send you hugs and love !! xo

    1. Oh thank you, dearest much!😊😊

      Sending you much love and hugs too ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Oh the disappointment of the woman overwhelmed my for while

    i could see so well the pride and carelessness of naughty youngsters dearest Ygraine!

    you are have such an amazing command over your the harmony of your words and expressions my dear dear friend that each time it seems i just visited sight portrayed by you :)

    all my best wishes and much love for you Ygraine ,keep taking great care !

    1. Dearest Baili...oh thank you, so much!😊😊
      Unfortunately, it seems our entire society is slowly breaking down...and it is really scary.
      There is no control, no proper policing. My son works in a local store, and the thieves just walk in and take what they want, and then just walk out. The police only rarely come to investigate. And so the thieves just keep returning. My son has been threatened on numerous occasions. The littering is only the tip of the iceberg...🙁
      Oh if only people could see the light!
      I guess it's just down to people like you and I, who realise how wrong this sort of behaviour try to set an the slim hope that others will follow.
      Oh I do hope so...for the sake of our children...and their children.
      This is such a beautiful world, and it desperately needs to be cherished...😊😊

      Thank you again, my beautiful Friend!

      Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. I did enjoy your words …

    Unfortunately too many shopping trolleys, and other items, can end up in water ways and places they shouldn't be.

    Many towns have tidy-up days where volunteers turn up to clear sites etc. Shame this has to be done, but it can and does help.

    Litter is a bug-bear of mine! When growing up we were always taught to take our litter home. I instilled this in my children and now they are doing the same with their children.

    Wishing you a great weekend. We are seeing family tomorrow (Sunday) I'm looking forward to that :)

    All the best Jan

    1. Oh absolutely! Yes, like you, I was taught from a very young age to take my litter home...and have passed that on to my son.
      It really makes me feel sad when I see these things...poisoning our rivers and making our streets appear ugly and uncared for.
      I make a point of picking up any litter I come across when I'm out...sometimes it turns a 15 minute walk into 3 hours! But, at least I feel I'm helping, albeit in a small way.

      I do hope you are enjoying your Sunday with your family.😊😊

      Hugs xxx

  8. What some teens will do just for kicks, perhaps not realizing the damage therein!

  9. Yes, such a pity youth lacks the wisdom of maturity. I just find it so sad that some of them never "grow out of it" and so turn into destructive adults.😕
    Thank you, my Friend!😊😊

  10. i could see it all through your words.. I, too, see these "trolleys" or as we call them shopping carts, left in odd places - especially near homeless encampments spotted around the mountains or towns.

  11. Thank you, Sandy. Yes, it is as to see it all around. I could understand it more if it were only the unfortunate homeless people using trolleys to transport their few worldly possessions, but it is the needless vandalism. There is so much of it in our town at the moment...from shop fronts being smashed, to private houses. We have escaped so far, but for how long?😕
    It isn't a good place to be at present...

    I do hope you are having a great day!!😊😊


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