Saturday 25 August 2012


Sometimes it just happens.
Seems like a good idea at the time.
I'm sure you get the picture:
It's been a bad day -
one of the worst,
and you've had it with everyone,
So you decide to go out,
to forget.
Here, there are a myriad of diversions
in multi-coloured cylindrical forms
that seem to say,
'We can make you feel good!'
And that's all it takes
So you succumb, all too easily,
to that exhilarating transition
into an alien world;
where walls are alive,
floors undulate and ripple.
And it's funny.
So funny.
You stumble.
Concerned faces loom over you.
their absurdity provokes
paroxysms of giggling.
You have to get out.
You need some air.

Golden globes that float
in a black Universe.
Dancing, swirling.
Trying to catch one
in your hands, but
the sidewalk tilts
forty-five degrees and splat,
you're flat on your face.
There's no pain, but there's blood.
A lot of blood.
It's dripping onto your hands,
making pretty patterns.
You stare at it,
detached, without wondering why or how.
It just is.

Iron railings
become a crutch.
You're on your feet
and begin staggering off
in what you hope
is the direction of home.
A car parked in the street.
Catching sight of your reflection
in a side window as you pass.
'Carrie', the movie,
comes to mind.
Your laughter dies.
You feel suddenly sick.
You lean against a wall for support,
only to slither back down
onto the pavement.
Cheekbones and nose are beginning
to seriously hurt.
Fumbling through contents
of your bag
for something to numb the pain.
A vodka bottle comes to hand.
You try to line it up with your lips,
but that hand seems to be a separate entity
that you have no control over.
Heavy glass bashes against tooth enamel,
knocking your head back against red bricks.
A pointless exercise anyway
because the bottle is empty.
But the beautiful red patterns
your hands make
on the smooth glass
remind you of
a Turkish Delight sunset.
And you smile,
for the realisation dawns
that you, too, are a part of this miracle;
just as it is a part of you.
And today no longer matters.



  1. you are brilliant. this is brilliant. I am absolutely awed.

  2. Thank you so, so much.
    I truly appreciate that :)

  3. Delightful imagery Ygraine it is a brilliant write you really know how to bring a piece alive!

  4. Wonderful and scary description of "one of those days"; it just happens: the weird sensations, that empty vodka bottle, breathless, the distorted images - Picasso-like -, that blood with no pain...
    Suddenly, a break, a miracle among the nightmare:
    ...the beautiful red patterns
    your hands make
    on the smooth glass
    remind you of
    a Turkish Delight sunset.

    I got the picture for sure!
    A hug and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Dulcina, for joining me on this rather surreal journey!
      I guess it's a place we've all been to once in a while. Perhaps it's a necessary part of our Spiritual growth.Hehehe:D

  5. Almost a personal dystopia! Terrific descriptions. Very convincing. The final line is beautifully ambiguous, I thought.

    1. Almost!!
      Thank you Dave.
      I've always been facinated with the ability of alcohol to catapult it's partaker into a multi-dimensional world, where everything seems lighthearted and non serious.
      A welcome break from the complications of everyday life, or a suicidal knife-edge?
      Either way, a sometimes necessary escape route, I find!!!

  6. Aside from the going out to drink, it being easier to drink alone in the dark at home, you captured the essence of forgetting and remembering the miracle well. :)

  7. Thank you Gnome.
    I would be terrified to drink alone. What if my demons should arise?!
    It is strange, though, that however bad things sometime appear there is always a saving grace to be found if we look to the simple things in life.
    There is always a miracle just waiting to be found. Perhaps the learning curve is to find it without the aid of alcohol! Hehe:)

  8. Vacanze finite per me...purtroppo!! spero che le tue siano state belle come le mie! un abbraccio...ciao

    1. Hi Giancarlo,
      Know what you mean. There's always this sinking feeling when a great holiday comes to an end isn't there?!
      Still, I guess there's always the next one to look forward to...
      Hugs :)

  9. brilliant imagery ... it's almost giving me goosebumps ... missed you. :-)

  10. So glad you're writing again Celestial Dreamz.
    I really love your beautiful poems.
    Many thanks for visiting. I am so happy you enjoyed this one.
    Have a good weekend :)


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