Friday 17 August 2012


Oh woe, oh woe,
It's raining again.
The sad sky is weeping
Cold tears for my pain.

It clearly must know
That you're leaving today
In your silver bird
To fly far away.

And does it know, too,
Who awaits you there
Behind pretty pink walls
In her Stockholm lair?

My trust you've betrayed
For, alas, it seems
You've abandoned true love
For ephemeral dreams.

So with broken heart
I make my way home,
Getting soaked to the skin;
Feeling so alone.


  1. so painfilled, it hurt my chest to have such a way with words. they become poignant pictures. yes, this one hurt my heart. beautiful, all the same. xo

  2. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that :)

  3. Very Powerful..and always deeply beautiful and emotional! Your poems..would be brilliant songs (and music videos)..the words are such "instant spells" and so visual for me...awesome!!

    1. Wow! What a compliment. That means so much to me.
      Thank you from the heart, Victoria :)

  4. Wise friendly rain accompanying the abandoned womam, trying to comfort her and washing away her sadness.
    I could hear the rhythm and freshness of the rain in your words.
    Very beautiful, dear Ygraine.
    A hug.

    1. How wonderful your words are Dulcina, so comforting.
      There is something truly healing about rain, isn't there? And, of course, it is the perfect hiding place for tears!!
      Hugs :)

  5. Betrayal of trust has happened to me twice so i can relate to this persons sadness and broken heart. You're poem is so spot on, well done.

    1. Oh I am so sad for your past hurt Windsmoke, and I so hope I haven't revived it's painful memories too vividly.
      I suppose people like you and I are quite fortunate in a way - at least we have the opportunity to write about our feelings and not have to suffer in total silence!
      Many thanks :)

  6. Beautiful poem, beautiful flow of tangible sadness!

    1. Rose, thank you so very much, dear friend.
      I have received a verbal comment about writing too many sad poems recently, so must write something more cheerful next time!!
      Sadness appears to come too naturally to me. Hehe :D

  7. It is a sad thought to think that you may be hurting. I hope this is fictitious but if it isn't I hope you a tender healing.

    1. Oh Gnome, I am deeply moved by your caring words.
      Thank you from my heart.
      This piece is an old memory disguised in fiction.
      Loads of these have been resurfacing recently. Do hope I've not been boring everyone!!

    2. You've never been boring Ygraine. Each poem you give us, like a warm psychometric rush, brings you nearer to us.

    3. I am so grateful for true friends like you, Gnome.
      Knowing you're there keeps me going when life gets hard.
      Thank you, thank you :)

  8. This is fine. You have so cleverly avoided all the traps, and the poem stands up straight and true - even if your friend did not.

    1. Thank you so much, Dave.
      Writing it was definitely therapeutic!!

  9. I hope this is not based on real life, Y. Beautiful work, as always. Love the picture too.

  10. Thank you IcyHighs,
    It was based on real life, but thankfully, a long time ago!


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