Sunday 5 August 2012


The girl at the checkout
handed it to me.
It was part of my change,
that five pound note.
It stung my hand!
So I jammed it
into patchwork purse
and hurried home.

Safe in familiar territory,
with eyes closed
and mind open,
I took it out and held it
in receptive hand.

The blow to my chest
was debilitating.
Reeling, winded
and on the point
of collapse, I saw
the underside of a car
above me.
And the blood - so much blood,
spurting fountain like
from mangled thorax,
to drip ghastly strings of gore
from murderous metal ceiling.
Inside me,
crushed lungs
gurgled helplessly.
Absolutely horrified,
I threw it down.

It seemed an age before I dared
open my eyes,
pick it up and look.
When I did
I found the stain:
a huge sprawling patch
of faded sepia that
tainted the Queen's head
with tragedy.

I couldn't bear to spend it.
That would have seemed
somehow sacrilegious, like
robbing a Pharaoh's tomb.
So I wrapped it in silk
and buried it deep
in the womb of Mother Earth.

Then I prayed for your safe rebirth.


  1. powerful!!! this gave me chills. I wonder how much money has passed my way that could carry a similar story.

    1. Psychometry isn't really my forte, but this was so powerful!
      It has taken me six months to find the courage to write about it, but now I have, a weight has been lifted from my mind.
      Thank you so much for reading this :)

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks Windsmoke.
      So great you're back! I'll be visiting your blog shortly :)

  3. What a terrible experience! Very good idea for a scary movie.
    Hope Mother Earth will never vomit that note, hehehe.
    A hug and thanks for praying.

    1. It certainly wasn't a pleasant one!
      At times like that the gift of mediumship feels more like a curse.
      It has stayed in the Earth so far, but I keep getting the distinct impression that one day a hand will rise up out of the ground and grab my ankle as I pass!! Hehehe.
      It helps to see the funny side - however tragic the circumstance.
      Hugs :)

  4. Very clever spook. I stand back in amazement - well, actually crouch behind the sofa!

    1. Believe me, I'd much rather have been behind the sofa at that time too!!
      It was decidedly the most powerful experience I've ever had. I felt uneasy for weeks afterwards.
      I am quite nervous when receiving change in shops now...

  5. Wonderfully told and I too am amazed at your talent, wow :)

    1. Thank you so much, Rose.
      You have no idea how much it helps to share experiences like this. If I couldn't, then I think it would drive me insane!

  6. You sensitive soul you, your clairsentience is showing!

    Good job relating the soul-measuring. :)

    1. I swear my over sensitivity will rob me of my sanity one day!
      Many, many thanks for your valuable support, Gnome.
      I truly appreciate it :)


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