Friday 31 August 2012


Consider your life - has it
really been the catalogue
of disaster, annoyance and discontent
you believe it to be?
'Why is everything always against me?'
you often wail, 'Why is no one
ever on my side?'
your life is progressing perfectly.
You are simply being groomed
for Soul integration.
That is the purpose of physical life...

So your parents weren't exactly loving,
and encouragement appeared to be
an alien notion to them.
You felt overlooked, unwanted,
Yours was no accident of birth.
You chose those particular circumstances
in order to learn independence
and self-motivation.
The lesson was simple.
The difficulty: perspective.

And those school bullies
who made your life hell on earth?
Best friends in disguise.
Think for a moment:
who else could have taught you
to stand up for yourself
and your principles as effectively?
Or instilled lasting self-confidence?
When you're backed into a corner,
inner reserves have no option
but to rise up and save the day.
Didn't you turn out
to be much stronger
and able to stand your ground
than you'd ever have believed possible?

That demoralising first betrayal
in love?
what a lucky escape!
I mean, did you honestly want to be
stuck with a bore like him?
(Or any of those other self-serving
liars and cheats who followed
for that matter?)
Think of them as minute, insignificant squalls
on the surface of a bottomless ocean
of genuine love.
Instead of crying for weeks
you should have been out there diving deeper!

And failing those wretched exams
was no more than the blocking
of an inappropriate career choice.
There is no shame in being destined
for much greater things, and you know
that stagnating from nine-to-five,
seven days a week
in a solicitors office -
just to impress your parents -
would never have made you happy.

So, you see, your vocation as a human being
is to follow the promptings of Spirit,
while searching for the positive
in every situation.
Because each challenge you overcome
brings you one step closer to The Infinite.
Nothing ever happens by chance.

Above all, think of how little
these things will touch you
in middle-age
when you have arrived at your Greatness,
and can see in retrospect
life's lessons for what they were.
And no one will know, then,
how hard you once struggled
against the truth except, perhaps,
those who are struggling still:
those who sense in you a Kindred Spirit,
and search your face
for common ground.



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  2. These are just the words I need to hear today. I was brought here for a reason. Thank you, Ygraine.

    1. It is wonderful to feel that something I have written here has been helpful to someone else. That makes it all worthwhile.
      This piece was based on a message I received from my Spirit Guide, and I had thought that it could maybe help others who are going through a period of negativity self-doubt.
      Thank you so much.
      Blessings & Hugs Y

  3. I reckon our adventure through life is pre-destined from conception or in other words its meant to be.

    1. I totally agree. Although when we're going through a difficult period it feels more like punishment than adventure, doesn't it? :/

  4. so wise, Ygraine. I needed this today xo

    1. I am so, so glad that sharing some of my personal experiences has been of help to you too.
      Feeling alone with problems is one of the worst places to be, so the knowledge that you're not as alone as you'd thought is always encouraging.
      Thank you so very much for being here for me today.

      I came to visit your blog last Friday and discovered that it had been removed.
      I do hope this isn't permanent. I would really miss it. I always find your words really encouraging :)

  5. Its great to see that people are sharing quite profitable information with each other and now we can move our selves to a new era.

    1. How I long for that new era;
      where there will be much more love and understanding, and much less hatred and division.
      Many thanks for your visit.
      It has been really great to hear from you :)

  6. Great motivational encouragement for the struggling kindred who sense and search to stand the common ground.

    1. Thank you so much, Gnome.
      I had just been through a 'low' patch, so asked for Spiritual help. This reply I so wanted to share, because I felt there were many others going through the same experience at this moment in time.
      This seems to be an era of 'testing'!!!

  7. A magnificent write Ygraine, I totally agree if only I had known when I was younger I would not have taken life so seriously and enjoyed myself a little more - unfortunately sometimes these habits are hard to change - it is good to be reminded of the greatness that awaits :) Thank you for sharing!

    1. Here now in middle age I'm still struggling with this one, so I know exactly what you mean about habits being hard to change.
      Hopefully in my case old age will bring light-heartedness. Well, I can live in hope, can't I! Hehehe:D

  8. Indeed a magnificent write Ygraine!

    1. Thank you Adrian.
      Really great to hear from you :)

  9. There is an essential core of truth to all of this which makes it so effective. A really great write.

  10. Thank you Dave.
    I really do believe we all have this inner knowing - if we can only find the strength to trust our intuition.
    Certainly not an easy task, I know. I struggle still!

  11. Ygraine... so very beautiful and soulful..and spiritually empowering..we are kindreds..I agree with all...your poem is full of potent wisdom..and inspirational! This has to be one of my favorites now!! Shine on..
    Massive Hugs

    1. Dear Victoria, I feel so honoured.
      The very fact that you understand, and feel the same means so much to me.
      The knowledge that there are Kindred Spirits out there is such a comfort.
      Thank you so so much :)

      Blessings & Hugs

  12. Ho letto con attenzione il tuo testo, molto bello!! buona domenica...ciao

  13. Many thanks Giancarlo. So glad you liked it.
    Certainly is a good Sunday here - nice and sunny. Hot too!
    Hope yours is also a good one :)


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