Friday 22 August 2014


Such perfection is bizarre
when there is no life within

those artificial boundaries
of plate glass and pretty lace.

Endless Moons cannot age her,
nor bless her with fertility.

And yet she has an aura -
a spell within her smile

that snares the eye and mind:
you have to pause and look...

and how easily you're swayed
by this rigor mortis babe

into picturing yourself
standing there in her place,

transformed by over-priced attire
into a Goddess, flawless as she.

Harsh midday Sun
highlights a sculptural face

that betrays not the slightest hint
of wrinkle nor expression line.

Oh to step beyond the glass
into this glamorous world

of the make-believe beauty
dressed for a summer ball...

who can never play with a mobile phone;
enjoy an Indian takeaway;

go swimming on a Saturday;
or know how it feels to love.

An unearthly stillness envelopes you then,
as you notice her soulless eyes

and the dust that's begun to gather
on immobile corpse-like limbs.

Now wearing shimmering satin
has suddenly lost it's appeal,

for it brings to mind a burial shroud,
colourless, like a ghost.

Just sufficient battery to post this...will get back to you all on Monday!
Have a great weekend. :)


  1. Another amazing poem by you, Ygraine :) have a great weekend!!

    1. You are so kind, Keith...thank you so much!
      Hope you are having a fabulous week...:)

  2. Maybe not much life to your battery 'out there in the wilderness" but there sure is a lot of life to your poetry ...
    You got amazing writing skills ... wow!

    Enjoy the weekend and have a great time .

    Hugs xxx
    Be safe ...

    1. Oh thank you, Sweetie!
      It did feel so strange...having no electricity - you should have seen me trying to shower by candle light, under canvas...haha...first I lost the shower gel...then tripped over the towel!! And it was so COLD...but, hey, was a fantastic experience...

      Big Hugs xxx

    2. Oh, what an experience but a good one in spite of tripping over your towel ... LOL
      So glad it was a fantastic time .... xxx

  3. Excellent poem, Ygraine. Poor mannequin sells the dress but can never feel fabulous in it.

    1. Ha...yes, and we mere mortals can wear the dress...but without the physical perfection to really carry it off...seems somehow unfair!! *chuckles*

      Many thanks, Geo. Really appreciate that...:)

  4. it becomes easy to create perfection...when there is no life in it....
    and we play out our own wounded image of ourselves making these representations of what we can never become...then again,
    there is a reason there is no life in such perfection...smiles.

    1. Think I get your meaning, Brian...yes, if there WERE life in such perfection it could be disastrous...there would be nothing left to strive for, would there?
      Ha...that is the fun of dressing up...the creation of an another "us" that is an artistic version of who we wish we were! ;)

      Many thanks :)

  5. You are so amazing dear Ygraine and how kind to get in touch with us so we know you're ok, you're a darling and don't worry that \i don't have a blog anymore I will always visit all my dearest friends, have a ball!!!!xoxoxo

    1. That was my biggest fear, Sweetie...that if you closed your blog, we'd lose touch.
      Of course I'll desperately miss that wonderful blog...but staying in touch with you is so much more important!

      Please take care...and have a fabulous week.:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  6. Wonderful poem. Used to draw from mannequin. They hold a pose well. Used to imagines them coming to life, and some of the thoughts included in your words..

    1. Ha...thanks Anthony.
      Your words certainly made me think...when I was a child, I used to wish I could have one of those shop mannequins in my bedroom. I would dress it in my clothes and imagine I could be that flawless when I wore them! *smiles*
      Yes, I can imagine they would make good models...although, of course, they could never have the same life in them as a human ones...nor any of those little distinguishing blemishes that mark us out as individuals...not that I could tell the difference in your sketches though. They are all so vivid and alive! :)

  7. This poem is amazing! I love the way you described everything! Big Hugs xoxox

    1. Oh thank you Stacy!
      I am so happy you liked the poem.

      Hope your leg is much better now...I have been thinking of you.

      Big hugs xxx

    2. Leg is doing much better ;o) Still hurts a little, but I can't complain ;o)

  8. "Esa perfeccion es extra├▒a"
    Gran poema.
    Nice poem.

    1. Thank you so much, Boris.
      Your encouragement is very much appreciated...:)

      Have a great week :)

  9. Replies
    1. Many thanks, Jane.
      Really good to hear from you! :)


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