Wednesday 27 August 2014


To be honest
perhaps she does need love in her life,
in spite of all the brash denial.
She stands gazing wistfully out across the sea
as if willing it's liquid depths
to fill an empty heart
with something it has never known,
that only lovers can know.
Men are enigmas,
distorted mirrors that intrigue
with eyes full of the promise
of ecstasy's explosion -
whilst here is she on the verge of madness
from living so solitary a life
of pent-up frustration...

Or maybe she wasn't destined to love at all,
not that kind, anyway.
Yet there is an acute awareness
of something awakening deep inside her:
it's in the way the gulls
sing of secret pleasures;
the way they caress the air
with sensual wings;
in their erotic dance with the ocean waves;
how they playfully tease the earth;
and the way they flirt with the sun
so carnally...

And, suddenly,
she knows he is out there somewhere,
and that he is on a collision course with with her life.
It is inevitable.


  1. Oh this is so good. I loved the seagulls erotic dance with the waves, and the contemplation of the inevitable awakening to go on…

    1. Oh thank you, Anthony...these words mean so much...:)

  2. Wow... that photo is wonderful and amazing .. what a fantastic view!
    Was this taken on your camping trip?
    Must have been wonderful ...

    And the poem is also wonderful...
    That last verse ... so good ... so great .. I loved it ...

    And this verse ...
    *it's in the way the gulls
    sing of secret pleasures;
    the way they caress the air
    with sensual wings
    in their erotic dance with the ocean waves; *
    I am in awe ....

    Have a great weekend
    lots of hugs

    1. Thank you so much, Margie. So glad you liked it!
      The photo was taken last summer, on the cliff top at Rocky Valley, Cornwall. We had much better weather then *smiles*
      I love that place so much...just had to write a poem to accompany the picture...but yes, I know...the 'virgin' bit is rather stretching the imagination somewhat!! Haha :D

      Hope you are having a great weekend too.

      Big Hugs xxx

  3. oh my sweet Ygraine this photo is splendid this story is also mine we are Lunar sister after all

    1. I have absolutely no doubt about that, Sweetie!
      Thank you...from my heart xxx

  4. My friend, I am crying! This poem, really speaks to me! I love it so much! Big Hugs and thank you for the beautiful writing ;o) xoxo

    1. Oh are so kind...thank much.
      Sorry I made you cry am sending the Biggest Hugs ever xxx

  5. Lovely poem Ygraine and I love the picture really beautiful!!

    1. Oh thank you, Gloria.
      I appreciate that so much.

      Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

      Big hugs xxx

  6. Nature is the language of the universe and you are clearly fluent in it.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Geo...I have found the answers to so many dilemmas in Nature, especially cloud-gazing and reflections in water.
      Many thanks.

      Hope your weekend is good :)

  7. it is good she comes to the realization of the hope that he is out.there...because it becomes easy to believe we are destined not to be loved...and there where does that leave us? you capture the journey of the heart well in this...smiles.

    1. It is how I remember feeling when I was around 13 or 14. So many of my contemporaries had boyfriends, and everywhere I looked I saw young couples hand-in-hand. It seemed I was the odd-one-out...oh such loneliness!
      I was looking through last summer's photos...and this one just triggered the memory...

      Many thanks, Brian :)

  8. oh it's so wonderful to be back, a big thank you to Brian and my son, they both helped me ps well for however long it lasts i have a new blog and you'll notice the abscence of photos and stull l in the new title: still google's on to me but so far haven't taken any of my photos, but i realized that i didn't care that \i couldn't post but i cared a hell of a lot that i might never see my dearest friends again , broke my heart, and everytime they cancel a blog I'll open a new one, but either way \i will always visit you dear Ygraine

    1. Oh such great news, Sweetie!
      I am on my way to visit

  9. you are such a sweetie, take your time I know now that my friends, like you are more important to me than any blog I could ever havexxx

  10. Than you so much...but your inspiring blog...we so missed it!

  11. Absolutely wonderfully written and a lovely photo
    gorgeous Ygraine :)

    1. Oh thank you so much, Rose.

      Hope you are having a fabulous week xxx


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