Saturday 9 August 2014


In shape and size, colouring and feature,
identical we grew.
So everyone, including our teacher,
never quite knew who was who.
Even our mother couldn't tell
the two of us apart:
"Are you coming shopping, Annabel?"
she'd ask my counterpart.

And then one day I hatched a plan
to sneak a day off school
by pretending to be Marianne
on her trip to the swimming pool.
Well, predictably she was aggrieved
and reported what I'd done,
but no-one was sure who could be believed
and so it seemed I'd won.

But my victory proved to be rather Pyrrhic,
for Marianne by vengeful design
claimed that each and every lyric
of my love song was hers, not mine.
Then after she'd sung it (while posing as me)
to my boyfriend on Valentine's Day,
I simply couldn't make him see
that I was his true fiancee.

So two years later on my wedding day
it was Marianne he wed,
while I racked my brain to find a way
to be with him instead.
For it was so unfair what she'd done to me -
had stolen my future away
by having everyone believe that she was me.
Oh my life was in such disarray.

I begged and pleaded, grovelled and implored,
but she refused to budge an inch
and so for years and years we warred
but no agreement could we clinch.
And to make matters worse my ex believed
his "sister-in-law" unhinged to be -
a notion by Marianne preconceived.
So like the plague he avoided me.

Well eventually I had to concede defeat
and build another life.
Oh how I regretted being a cheat -
hadn't dreamed it would cause such strife.
And now I'm compelled to live a lie
for the rest of my days on Earth
until it is my time to die
with no chance the truth to unearth.

So if ever you hear that often told tale
that twins are closer than close,
well that is no more than a fairy tale -
a fantasy most grandiose.
A case in point is Marianne and I:
we've been rivals to the core
ever since we were both knee-high
and will remain so for evermore!


  1. Ygraine...this was fantastic!!! What a wonderful mind you have to come up with something so intricate...I love this!!!
    I must admit that I was smiling as I read it and couldn't help feeling sorry for Annabel :))

    Big Hugs

    1. Haha...many thanks, Jan!
      I had such fun with this one...never having had any sisters, my imagination could just run riot!!
      Yes...poor Annabel...;)

      Big hugs xxx

  2. oh convoluted life becomes when you have a look alike...and a rival...stealing each others glory and i can not help but in the end to imagine heartbreak for all for the dearest relationship between them to be broken

    1. Can't imagine it ending any other way either! *smiles*
      As a child, I always wished I had a sister...but then wondered how it could be if it wasn't a positive connection...:/

      Many thanks, Brian :)

  3. Aww how enjoyed this dear!
    I understand perfect what happens!
    I have twins, a boy and a girl are alike and different!
    They fight but they love each other two!
    They have 20 now but sometimes are like kids!
    Love this!

    1. Oh how wonderful, Gloria!
      I bet your twins aren't at all like these two though...thank goodness!!
      Thank you so much :)

      Big hugs xxx

    2. Dear Ygraine they are wonderful but always the twins have something special.
      They know how are thinking each other and love some things like Hard rock they go to many rock concerts and they love it.
      Thank's God they love the same music so they go together:)

    3. I am so glad your twins aren't at all like my fictional ones.
      It must be wonderful to have that special bond...:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  4. Enjoyed so much. So intricately tied together the story and the rhyme. I loved every line.

    1. So glad you enjoyed this, Anthony.
      It was a lot of fun to write...a little light relief after the previous post!

      Many thanks :)

  5. Ygraine
    Gosh, this is awesome, you are so gifted how you weave your words to come up with this ...
    I loved the tale of the twins ... bravo .. and I like the names you picked Marianne and Annabel ... I have a sister Marianne and had an aunt Annabel ..
    Great poem ....


    1. Thank you so much, Margie!
      Wow...what a coincidence, your sister's and aunt's name...I must have read your mind!! LOL

      Big hugs xxx

  6. Wow, that would make a hell of a novel , oh it's uncanny how you write feels like it's true and the twins carry own in the lives that were never meant to be, oh my you are awesome Ygraine, you should write novels you'd make a fortune, then you could visit sunny warm places and i hope , me hugs absolutely amazing, drama in its purest form hey you rock girl !

    1. Oh Lorraine...I don't know what to are so kind.
      I did write a novel once, but felt it was nowhere near up to scratch, so destroyed it. It was called "Northern Winds" and it took two years to write.
      I have, however, written a short story set in WW2 that I plan to post soon. I really hope you will like it!

      Oh definitely!!! If ever I get rich, we will jet off for sunny climes...and that is a promise...*chuckles*

      Big hugs xxx

  7. Thank you, Giancarlo!
    Hope you are having a great week.:)

  8. you're already a star, you just haven't been discovered ;) always big hugs xxxx

    1. Oh really ARE so kind!!

      Enormous Hugs back xxx

  9. I lost all my bookmarks and i gave in to google because they erased all my photos but i noticed that didn't upset me half as much as losing all my friends and their bookmarks found Anthony first 'cause he's on google then found you cause you visit him and from your visitors i hope to I must get a blog.... oh geesh I'd rather pay and deal with them then never visit my friends again that would be unbearable you are what makes my day better

    1. We would miss you too, dear Lorraine...

      I have been able to visit and view your posts, but cannot yet leave comments. Am not sure what has happened, but I will never give up trying!

      Big Hugs xxx

  10. Wonderful tale of twins...and all the unforeseen consequences that can entail :)

    1. Just imagination, hope I haven't offended any real twins! ;)

      Many thanks...:)

  11. This was a brilliant read, but sad too! You are so gifted!!! I first thought this story was true! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Oh thank you so much, Stacy!

      Do hope you are feeling better. You have been in my thoughts every day.

      Big Hugs xxx

  12. don't worry ihave old photos on stick i was waiting for my Kingston drive to arrive to copy all my marina photos but it came a day too late those sob not only stole 361 from Picasa3 they also stole all the good ones of Spring as well as all my Fall photos, that's stealing that's not sharing and I tried believe me I tried all night to copy my photos back into my drive but they must have so many gadgets that stops people from gettting their photot back, oh I let him have it my gorgoues fall photos wel lI'll get more marina and I'll get more fall photos and i'l put them all in photo gallery where no one can touch them and find a blog that's free and post them there and still keep my foot in the door to get phtoos back by having a 'writing blog' with google, they'll pay , I promise

    1. It must be so frustrating for seems so unfair.
      I really hope you can find a much better platform for your exceptional talent....very soon.
      Please try not to let it get you down, although easier said than done, I know.

      Big Hugs xxx

  13. well from the good point of view is that when this laptop crash as they all do i'll still have all my photos on Google, so that's one good thing because \i love my photos, so i've accepted google into my life at least they'll keep my photos safe no matter what and \i just post my photos from them, after all I don't have any other photos, I'm rise above and i miss you already dear Ygraine have a lovely, lovely time bigs hugs always xxx


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